Home Remedies for Arthritis

It may sound weird but we do generally take the freedom of motion for granted and realise the pain that the bones give when the body is inflicted with Arthritis. Be it Rheumatoid Arthritis or Osteoarthritis, both the conditions are extremely painful for the body.

Treating Arthritis the Natural Way

Well, the medication does help but in case you wish to avoid the medication, here are some ways to treat Arthritis naturally.

  1. Drinking juices of certain fruits and vegetables like carrots, sweet lime and beetroot can help get rid of arthritis. Also consuming garlic is a sure shot way of getting rid of it. In fact many people use a massage of garlic oil to help their bones and cartilages heal.
  2. Drinking turmeric and ginger tea also helps greatly. All you need for this is a bit or turmeric and ginger to be boiled in the water. If you don’t like the taste, then just add a dash of honey and the tea is good to go.
  3. Dip the affected joint in Epsom Salt. Take a large bowl or a tumbler and make a dip of Epsom salt and hot water. Soak the affected area for 15 minutes in the dip and gradually the pain will go away.
  4. Get some magnesium in your body. While there is much magnesium, supplement available over the counter, you should also add magnesium rich food in your daily diet.
  5. Rub the affected joint with Olive oil for 15 minutes. As simple as it sounds this can really make the pain better.
  6. Ever wondered how the White molasses tea can help? Well, called the natural aspirin, this is one great way of getting rid of arthritis. Even better is the fact that it is yummy to drink and that it relives the pain completely being analgesic in nature.
  7. Ten grams of dried ginger consumed with luke-warm water or warm milk is very helpful for those suffering from Arthritis.

An option to reduce the pain in arthritis

Guavas are known to be anti-inflammatory and very beneficial to the health. This is the reason why 6-8 tender leaves of this fruit ground to a fine paste should be applied to the affected joint. Add a pinch of Black salt to it for added texture and absorption. This has proven benefits for immediate relief from pain. A prolonged use of the same remedy will slowly help to get rid of the condition. Guavas are also beneficial if eaten as fruits.  Adash of honey and black pepper just elevates the taste no end.

Relieving the Pain with Green Herbs

Mint leaves have been used in traditional methods of medication since time immemorial. The fragrance and the rich nature of the leaves make it perfect for use in alternative medicine. To relive the pain in the joints due to arthritis, mix a couple of mint leaves, fresh and green with dried mint leaves and boil in water till it reaches half its consistency. Drink this concoction twice a day for advanced healing and lesser pain.

To dry the mint leaves, pluck the fresh leaves and wash them clean with a vegetable washer. Strain them through a sieve and spread the leaves on a flat equated surface in the sun. Cover with a thin layer of muslin cloth to allow the light and the heat of the sun but to keep it away from dust. Once crispy and easily breakable with a “crunch” sound, store them in an airtight container to retain the freshness of theleaves.

Yoga for Arthritis

Get into the recommended exercise to improve the condition. A physiotherapist would give you the detailed directions for the exercise most suited to you. Meanwhile you can also try the Trikonasana and the Veerasana for maximum results

Additional Tips

If you have been looking around and have not been able to find dry ginger or the powder, take a few roots of ginger and let them dry slowly in the sun for four weeks. Once the water content in ginger has dried up, you can grind it and make a fine powder of it which is very helpful in many things as described below.

Need for Surgery

Arthritis if aggravated enough and not taken care of can result in conditions demanding surgery. In order to prevent from such repercussions, treating it at the right time is very important.

A little change in routine and by adding certain fruits and vegetables to your diet can help you treat Arthritis at home.

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