Skin Bumps: 10 Types, Causes, and Pictures

Skin Bumps

Skin bumps exist for several reasons, and the common are infections, allergic reactions, and skin disorders. However, the worst condition may involve skin cancer.

Skin bumps imply localized swelling, which can be easily sensed or may not be along with visible aberrations.

Numerous causes, like infection and tumors, can ruin the overall appearance. But, depending on the grounds, skin bumps can be painful and irritate.

While most skin bumps don’t need treatment, it’s best to consult your doctor if the condition persists.

10 Types Of Skin Bumps (With Images)

1. Prickly Heat

Prickly heat is a colloquial phrase for heat rashes, leading to painful bumps. Usually, the rashes are visible at places where sweat accumulates. Individuals suffering from prickly heat find themselves scratching the red spots on their skin.

To avoid skin friction, keep your skin clean and moist. If the condition worsens over time, it’s better to approach a skin specialist immediately.

Prickly-Heat Skin bumps
Prickly Heat

2. Chickenpox

Chickenpox is the most common condition among childrenOpens in a new tab.. These bumps typically spread across the chest, back, and even in the face. As the skin condition worsens, children might experience sore throat and fever.

Moreover, scratching the rashes would only aggravate the situation. Doctors deem chickenpox immunization reduces severe medication complications associated with the condition.

chicken-pox Skin bumps

3. Cellulitis

Cellulitis appears as red, blister-like bumps in the body. It’s caused by a bacterial infection that is painful and warm when touched.

Though the symptoms may be usual, you need to speak to a doctor for immediate medication. If left untreated, skin bumps might cause complications and could spread to lymph nodes and the bloodstream.


4. Boils

A boil is a skin abscess that can be considered a localized infection. In certain instances, the area may become complicated and sensitive to touch. Eventually, the boil gets filled with yellow-colored pus that comprises white blood cells.

Doctors might prescribe an antibiotic for reducing the swell. However, it’s essential to seek a medical opinion if you’re a diabetic patient suffering from boils.

boils Skin bumps

5. Lipomas

Lipomas are generally subcutaneous soft tissue tumors that develop at a slow rate. They usually have a size less than 5cm diameter and appear rubber-like but not harmful.

However, squeezing the bumps after making a small incision helps eliminate the bump. You can also opt for liposuction-assisted lipectomy (only if the lipomas are larger).


6. Neurofibromas

Neurofibromas are benign (means noncancerous) tumors that appear soft, fleshy bumps that grow all over the skin. But in severe cases, it may lead to skin cancer.

As for the symptoms, the area is painless. But they’re sensitive enough even to the slightest and gentlest touch. Further, surgery is needed to remove the fleshy bumps.


7. Keratosis pilaris

You’ll observe keratosis pilaris (KP) mainly on the upper arms and thighs. These bumps can also appear on the buttocks, back, and cheeks. Regardless, they’re harmless skin condition that causes rough patches or tiny bumps on your skin.

Treating keratosis pilaris isn’t necessary because doctors consider them a normal skin variant. But if you’re concerned, consult a dermatologist regarding the skin condition.

Keratosis Pilaris

8. Lie Bumps

As the name implies, lie bumps generally appear on the tongue. Possible causes of these bumps include stress, stomach upset, acidic foodstuffs, and excessive smoking. You’ll notice these bumps as small, white bumps on the upper surface of the tongue.

There’s nothing to worry about these bumps because they heal after some time. Nevertheless, you can try some natural ways to get rid of lie bumps on the tongue.

Lie Bumps

9. Folliculitis

Folliculitis is commonly referred to as an inflammation of the hair follicles. They appear blemish with centrally located hair. It could be worsened by red pimples, itching sensation, and rashes.

Possible causes of this skin bump type involve exposure to cleaning solutions, too much shaving, and friction from clothes. Moreover, people with a medical condition (diabetes mellitus, obesity, or weak immune system) are more likely to have this skin bump.


10. Keratoacanthoma

Keratoacanthoma is a type of skin bump triggered by too much exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. It appears as dome-shaped bumps that grow up to 15cm in diameters. Subsequently, it recovers by itself.

To remove keratoacanthoma, you can use liquid nitrogen. The process controls the growth of the bump effectively.


Final Thoughts on Skin Bumps

Finally, whatever might be the case, always keep your skin clean and healthy.

As such, avoid using lotions that contain many chemicals or exposing your skin to direct sunlight for long hours.

In case the remedies don’t help, visit your doctor immediately.

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