Skin Bumps

Skin bumps imply localized swelling which can be easily sensed or may not be along with visible aberrations. Numerous causes like infection and tumors can always ruin the overall appearance. But, depending on the cause, the skin bumps can actually be painful and bring in an irritating sensation. So, if you don’t have an idea about skin bumps, then you should go through the different types of bumps listed below.

10 Types Of Skin Bumps

Prickly Heat

Prickly-HeatPrickly heat is a colloquial phrase for heat rashes that can lead to painful bumps. Usually, the rashes are visible at places where sweat accumulates. While the bumps are close to each other, they might compel the person to scratch the skin. So, for avoid skin friction, you should keep the skin clean and moist. In case the rash becomes severe and the condition doesn’t subside due to remedies, then it’s better to approach a skin specialist.

Chicken Pox

chicken-poxChicken Pox is the most common condition found in infants below 12 years of age. As the bumps spread across the face, they might also be observed on the chest and back. In case the condition aggravates, then the child might feel feverish and have a sore throat. Moreover, problems may arise when the kid scratches the rash time and again.  So, it is always a good idea to take the child for vaccination. Way beyond, if the circumstances are bit serious, then the parent should get in touch with the doctor. She may also think about a solution that can treat Chicken Pox.


CellulitisIn case you observe red, blister-like bumps, then it is nothing but Cellulitis. Though the symptoms may be usual, the person needs to speak with the doctor and check what he should do next. The skin bumps along with swelling can lead to complications. But, for faster recovery, the person shouldn’t forget to take antibiotics several times during the day.


boilA boil is a skin abscess that can be considered as localized infection. At certain instances, the area may become hard and sensitive to touch. Eventually, the boil gets filled with yellow colored pus that comprises of white blood cells. The doctor may then prescribe some antibiotics for enhancing the healing process. However, it’s essential to seek medical opinion if a diabetic patient is suffering from boils.


LipomasLipomas are normally subcutaneous soft tissue tumors that develop at a slow rate and are never considered to be harmful. While these might appear like a rubber, the lipomas never cause pain and are less than 5 cm in diameter. However, squeezing the bumps after making a small incision can actually help to get rid of the skin bumps. The person can also opt for Liposuction-assisted lipectomy only if the Lipomas are larger in size.


NeurofibromasIf you come across soft, fleshy growth all over the skin, then the condition would be diagnosed as Neurofibromas. Normally, the tumor is benign but in some cases it can lead to skin cancer. As for the symptoms, the area is painless but can disturb the person with a minor shock once it is touched. For removing the fleshy skin, doctors might ask the person to be prepared for a surgery. Once Neurofibromas is treated successfully, the symptoms don’t recur years ahead.

Keratosis Pilaris

Keratosis-PilarisCommonly known as KP, Keratosis Pilaris are usually notice on the upper arms and thighs. They may also be noticeable on the buttocks, back and the cheeks. But, the skin disorder doesn’t distract the person from an irritating sensation. In case the rough bumps have to be treated, then the person should always think about applying petroleum jelly every day after his ablutions. Alternatively, a cream that contains alpha-hydroxy acids can also be applied at least twice during the day.

Lie Bumps

lie-bumpsThe tongue condition, ‘Lie bumps’ is caused due to stress, stomach upset, acidic foodstuffs, and excessive smoking. As the condition is known to be visible in form of small and white colored bumps, it is observed on the upper surface of the tongue. But, you should never worry to speak with an oral pathologist because the condition heals automatically after some time or you can try some natural ways to get rid of lie bumps on the tongue.


FolliculitisFolliculitis is commonly referred to as an inflammation of the hair follicles. It may be caused due to cleaning solutions, shaving or relentless friction produced due to clothes. The skin condition is normally found in people who have diabetes mellitus, are overweight or have a weak immune system.

When the main lesion is observed, it is a papule with a centrally located hair. Apart from everything else, the condition may become severe due red pimples, itching skin and numerous rashes. So, for treating the skin disorder, the person shouldn’t shave the affected area and ensure to keep the skin clean.


KeratoacanthomaWhen the hair follicle cells don’t grow naturally, then the condition is called as Keratoacanthoma. Apparently, the growth might trigger when the skin is exposed to ultraviolet radiations from the sun.

As the condition is characterized by dome-shaped bumps, the Keratoacanthomas can become extremely large and measure around seventeen to fifteen centimeters in diameter.

For removing the skin bumps, liquid nitrogen can certainly help to control the growth. Moving ahead, the person can opt for Curettage, a treatment in which the bumps are scraped off.

Finally, whatever might be the case; you must always keep the skin clean and avoid using lotions that contain many chemicals. In case the remedies don’t help, then it’s better to visit the doctor instantly.

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