4 Helpful Tips for Yoga Lovers

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Yoga is an ancient technique that exercises the whole body and mind. It integrates body exercises with breathing techniques and it promotes an increased focus on mindfulness. Doing yoga will help improve your health and overall wellbeing. These amazing benefits of yoga are the reason why it has been around for centuries in India and the rest of the Eastern world, but also why it is getting more and more popular in our neck of the woods. Whether you are an experienced yogi or a beginner, there are a few helpful tips that you should hear before your next practice.

Eat Right

Yoga is a very demanding form of exercise and you need to eat right to be able to keep up during the training. Eating carbohydrates before practice will provide you with enough energy to do your exercises. Just make sure to eat no less than two hours before the practice or you might feel sick during it. Because during yoga practice muscles work very hard it is important to choose the right foods to help them recover and grow after the practice. This is what we need proteins for. Although, proteins will help our muscles recover and grow we also need something to help them with after practice soreness. The fat that can be found in fish, seeds or avocado will do the trick. One last thing, always drink plenty of water.

Find the Right Equipment

Find the Right Equipment

When you find the sport for you and the will to do it, it might seem like the equipment is the last thing you need to worry about. However, that is not exactly so. Like every other form of physical activity, yoga has a specific set of equipment you will need if you are serious about doing it. We spoke about the physical demands of yoga, but it is important to note that you will need specific clothes for it, as well. Doing yoga means doing a lot of stretching and bending. So, you will need good and comfortable yoga pants, fitted shirt and a good mat. The best thing is to find a company specializing in producing equipment for yoga like Sivana Spirit because here you will find everything you need for your practice and you can be sure it is made specifically for yoga.

Clean Your Mat

Exercising is tough. You stretch, bend and exert yourself doing it, and let’s not forget about sweating. Sweating is a big part of exercising and the main reason why you should have your own yoga mat. Mats at the gym are rarely cleaned, if ever, and they can become an incubator for infections. Having your own mat is not enough to stay safe. If we use the same mat when we are healthy and sick we might just get into a vicious circle of infections. That is why you also have to clean your mat regularly. Spray it down after every practice and every once in a while clean it more thoroughly. That way you will be safe to practice yoga and you will prolong the life of your mat.

Yoga Styles

Yoga StylesThere are many different styles of yoga and you should consider each one’s benefits before choosing the one for you. Two biggest groups of yoga are Hatha and Vinyasa. Hatha yoga is gentle and slow, a very good start for beginners but it is also good for more experienced yogis who are looking for some recuperating. Vinyasa yoga is more vigorous than Hatha. It is not recommended for beginners but for more experienced practitioners who like more movement during practice. No matter where you are with your yoga practice at this moment always remember your choices and don’t be afraid to experiment.