5 Health Benefits of Cucumber You May not Know

Health Benefits of Cucumber

Health Benefits of Cucumber – Why you Should Eat Cucumber

Fourth most cultivated crop in the world, Cucumbers are consumed in everyday lives and in every part of the globe. The biggest reason known to all for consumption of cucumbers is the rich water content and high amount of fiber that is necessary to keep the body fresh.

Health Benefits of Cucumber that you Didn‘t Know

One Cucumber

  • Feeling sleepy and drowsy and have a lot of work to do. Eat cucumbers for freshness and immediate energy. Forget that cup of tea or coffee!

  • Reduce inflammation and burning in the eyes by placing a frozen and chilled slice of cucumbers over the eyes. This also helps in reducing the dark circles beneath the eyes when done over a long period of time.
  • Fight cancer tendencies and chances, by eating cucumbers every day.
  • Home can benefit too! Rub a slice of cucumber over a creaky hinge and it will stop creaking. Also if you rub it on a mirror before taking a hot bath, it will not steam up!
  • To get rid of the hangover in the morning, just before sleeping, eat a few slices of cucumbers.

How Cucumbers Help in Bad Breath

Worried about bad breath? Take a slice of cucumber and place it against the top palpate of your mouth and press with our tongue for 30 seconds. It kills the odour causing bacteria relieving bad breath completely.

Apart from this cucumbers are majorly used in salads and fresh food bowls all through the world. Beauty treatments also contain components of cucumbers to skin and hair cosmetics.

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