Natural Skin Care Remedies

The skin we have is the most versatile and the most exposed organ of our bodies. Our face has the most sensitive and the thinnest layer of skin making it vulnerable to a lot of external irritants causing skin problems and acne.

Is the summer making your face dull and unhealthy?

Summers make us sweat and thereby open the pores of the skin. Ideally, this is supposed to make our skin breathe. Blame it on the urbanization and the external pollution that it causes a lot of dust and grime to stick to our faces commonly causing acne and skin problems. We cannot get rid of the summers, but we can surely help or skin heal better. Here is a look at afew ways to make the face glow in summers.

Raw Milk

Boiled milk is the best for consumption but do you know that boiling the milk rips it of all its nutritional value. And in the Indian kitchen we completely kill it! This is why raw milk retains the properties and the national value that it is supposed to have.

  • Raw milk is the best skin toner you can have.
  • Trying to make your skin firm and fresh? Just add a bit of Gram Flour to a bowl of raw milk and you are good to go!
  • Just dip a cotton ball into raw milk and lightly run it on your face and see the tanning go as a whiff of air.
  • Add fuller’s earth and a bit of rose water to raw milk and see your acne and scars vanish with regular use.

Tomatoes, Cucumbers and Lemons for healthy skin

Not only are the tomatoes, cucumbers and lemons enriched with Vitamin C and A, the sheer water content of all these fruits and veggies is enough to keep you hydrated.


With a resource of minerals and vitamins, lemons are beautiful toning agents for your face. With natural bleaching properties lemons can absolutely remove a tan from your face making it appear brighter and lighter.  Pour a few drops of honey on top of a sliced lemon and gently massage it on your face to alleviate any traces of fatigue and dullness.


Tomatoes, with their high Vitamin C help remove the excess dirt from the pores helping in eliminating black heads and white heads from the oily zones of the face. Try mixing a bit of Besan (Gram flour with tomatoes and rub it on your face for a glow to last a week. Similarity rubbing plain tomato juice also helps you gradually get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. Rubbing tomato juice also helps you get rid of excessive oils from the face.


Cucumbers have been known for their healing properties. Suffering from skin dryness?  Just grate a cucumber and place it on your face. Also slicing the cucumber and chilling it before use is also very effective in summers. You can also try mixing a bitof Aloe Vera with cucumbers and rubbing it on your skin to feel relief on a sunburn instantly.

Using the Juice of tomatoes, cucumbers and lemons to have refreshing summers

Grate and Mince tomatoes, lemons and cucumbers and leave it in the refrigerator. When chilled enough, dip a small cotton ball and apply uniformly on the entire face saving the eyes. Massage lightly and wash off with water at room temperature. Repeat this remedy in summers almost every week to discover flawless and beautiful skin.

“Cleansing the skin with ingredients in your home for a natural glowing face.”

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