5 Reasons to Choose Keto for Your Weight Loss Diet

5 Reasons To Choose Keto For Your Weight Loss Diet

Are you tired of crash diets? Aren’t we all. It seems like they all start great, the weight is dropping off, but then we hit a bump in the road. Not only has the weight loss stopped, but it’s getting more and more difficult to resist the urges of your favorite foods. That’s the problem with these fad diets, isn’t it? They restrict you from eating the foods that you adore and you feel hungry constantly, which makes it even more difficult to resist temptation.

Not all diets are like that, though. The first thing you should look for in a diet is that it is sustainable for the long-term. If it’s too expensive, too difficult, or too time-consuming you are more likely to give up, give in, and put your weight back on. This is where the ketogenic diet comesOpens in a new tab. in.

1. The Lack Of Restrictions

Now, there are some restrictions. Of course, there are. However, you can still enjoy the foods you love the most – like bacon, cheeseburgers (without the bun, of course). What you’re putting a limit on is your carbohydrate intake as this forces your body into ketosis, which is what kicks off your body burning fat off. You’re allowed to enjoy eggs, butter, ribs, chicken wings, and pretty much just about any other food that you really love, as long as it isn’t carb heavy.

You are allowed a small amount of carbs daily, though, you just need to choose wisely. Check out all of these incredible foods Opens in a new tab.which are allowed on the diet.

 2. The Lack Of Energy Crashes

This is another benefit of keto for weight loss. We’ve become accustomed to a steep dip in energy levels mid-afternoon (which is often exacerbated by fad dieting), but you don’t experience this on the keto diet. Why is that? Well, as noted above your body is burning fat for energy because you aren’t feeding it carbs. So, because you are in this state of ketosis your body has a constant source of fuel. It doesn’t need you to top it up with more carbs.

 3. Feel Younger, Look Younger

Don’t believe me? You’re going to look better as the weight drops off, which in turn makes you feel better in confidence alone. You feel better so you push yourself to work out regularly, which just provides you with more energy. You’re energetic, your skin is better, your nails are strong, you look great, you feel great … of course you’re going to look younger as a result!

 4. Quality Sleep

One of the biggest things that prematurely ages us is a lack of sleep, but with the keto diet, you can expect to get much better sleep. Carbs turn into sugar and this creates serious blood sugar spikes which can affect your quality of sleep. Thanks to ketosis, you don’t need to worry about this problem. Your blood sugar is stable all day long and your body recognizes bedtime and is ready to switch into sleep mode when you tell it to. It won’t take long before you notice you no longer need to set your alarm seven times and hit snooze repeatedly. When your first alarm goes off you will be well-rested and raring to go!

 5. Long-Term Lifestyle

Perhaps the greatest thing about the keto diet is that it’s great for long-term weight loss because it forms part of a lifestyle. You shouldn’t see too much of an increase in your grocery bill, but what you will see is a steep decrease in your weight. A lot of people struggle with fad diets because it’s impossible to order on a diet when out for dinner. The preparation is excessive and too complicated to make it sustainable. It gets expensive and it’s impossible to afford it long-term. The restrictions make it too difficult to follow and one temptation leads to a stumble and one stumble leads to a full week of eating whatever you want and suddenly your diet is over. You don’t need to worry about any of that with the keto diet which is why it’s such a popular lifestyle choice.

The ketogenic diet isn’t about sitting down to a plate full of steaks and washing it down with a stick of butter. While some vegetables and fruits are not allowed due to their carb content, there are plenty of which are okay. You can also enjoy those carb options as your carb of the day. So, if you follow the diet properly you can lead a healthy life while enjoying a great diet and dropping weight. Do note, that a lack of hydration in the early stages of the diet can result in flu-like symptoms. This is known as the keto flu and is fairly common, it’s only temporary so don’t let it put you off. Just ensure you drink plenty of water and you should be able to avoid the issue.

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