5 Tips for Perfectly Glowing Skin

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Besides being the largest organ of our body, our skin is also an empty canvas that picks up all our failures, successes and mistreats, and in the end presents a complete portrait. Of course, we would all want for that portrait to be a beautiful artwork, but if we don’t paint it with all the right colors, it will turn out completely the opposite. Luckily, there are ways to improve our painting technique. Here are five tips that will help you reach the magnitude of Leonardo Da Vinci and make your skin youthful and glowing.

Eat Your Way to the Glow

The foods you eat are just as important as your skincare routine. The natural ingredients in food contribute to every meaningful skin process – from exfoliating to sun protection. Processed and unhealthy comfort foods, on the other hand, contribute to skin issues, such as acne breakouts and inflammations. To achieve a youthful and glowing complexion, you will have to give up those bad foods, and start a healthy diet, which includes foods packed with vitamins (especially A and C), such as broccoli, pineapples, bell peppers, pumpkins, berries, tomatoes, nuts, etc.

Protect Your Skin

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Skin is an outer organ and it is exposed to both inner and outer influences. That’s why it requires a very high level of protection. One of the greatest potential enemies of the skin is the sun as improper exposure can cause issues such as wrinkles, skin cancer, age spots, freckles and discolorations. Limiting sun exposure is the first step of protection (stay indoors when the sun is intense), and the second is using sunscreen (and moisturizer with SPF) even during the winter. There are foods and drinks, such as lemon and green tea, that can help your skin remain safe.

Establish a Proper Skincare Routine

Using one product this day, and another, and the next one is far from a stable skincare routine. Establish a consistent skincare routine that will change depending on the seasonal needs (e.g. stronger accent on hydration during winter). A good regimen includes cleansing, using a toner, exfoliating (once in two weeks), and applying a moisturizer. You should, of course, make sure that all the products suit your skin type.

Go the Extra Mile


Take Care of your Skin

The previously mentioned steps are part of standard skincare routine, but in most cases, that is not enough. Adding products, like acai berry anti aging serum, that help calm skin redness and improve the appearance of wrinkles, should be included into your regimen, especially after the age of 25. Other things you will require, depending on the skin problems and type, are acne treatment, skin lightening treatment and various targeted solutions.

Organic Approach

The natural approach to skincare is often the best. Avoid products that are packed with chemicals, which may offer instant help, as they will do you much harm eventually. Use alcohol-free organic skincare products, homemade face masks and exfoliators. Coconut oil and other essential oils can be great for skin cleansing and hydrating. Make sure you are always well hydrated and that you get plenty of exercising.

Your skin mirrors your inner health, as well as your beauty. Make sure you provide it with good foundations for being healthy and glowing.

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