6 Healing Spices from Kitchen and Health Benefits

Healing Spices and Health Benefits

Kitchen Spices as Healing Herbs

Healing spices (Garam Masala) are not just for the addition of taste in food but also have immense health benefits due to the natural nutritional elements in them. While the spices may be added to a dish to make it taste better, unintentionally the spices also add up to the essential elements and antioxidant value of the food.

Spices and Health Benefits

Healing spices may be many and the most commonly ones used are:

  • Cloves – Immensely potential in treating cough and getting rid of phlegm
  • Cinnamon – Warm potency of this spice is good in the winters and a stick should be boiled in water with ginger to be consumed against cold.
  • Cardamom- The seeds should be crushed and consumed with a spoon of honey to treat gas and flatulence
  • Asafoetida- Very good for relieving colic pains and tummy aches due to indigestion
  • Dr ginger- for treating flatulence, acidity, cough and cold, dried ginger may be added to water or to the food
  • Fennel – The best remedy against indigestion and sour burps, Fennel in the powdered form may be used by mixing it in a glass of water.

Apart from this, the spices need to be added in small quantities as consuming too many spices at one meal time is not recommended. Alternatively, you may mix the powdered form of spices in consume equal portions every day.

Did you Know?

Home Remedy for Toothache

Clove Oil or raw cloves are considered to be an effective home remedy for toothache in getting rid of sudden tooth pain. Place a crushed clove on the affected tooth or run some clove oil on the tooth. This can help in alleviating the pain till you see a doctor.

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