6 Surprising Health Benefits of Turmeric

Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric Health Benefits

One of the earliest herbs that have been cultivated by mankind, Turmeric is one of the most beneficial ingredients in cooking. Here are some benefits of turmeric that you may have never known.

1. Brighten your teeth

Many International Models use homemade turmeric toothpastes to keep their teeth shining. While it is an effective colouring agent, it is also extensively used for whitening of the teeth in a way that it does not touch the enamel. In fact if you do not have the time to make your own toothpaste, you can just sprinkle a bit on your regular tooth brush in the morning and brush as routine.

2. Makeup Ingredient

As an effective Anti-septic, presence of turmeric in cosmetics makes them perfect for taking care of the skin apart from beautifying you. In fact many companies in India also use turmeric in shampoos and soaps to add a glow to skin and make it luscious.

3. Save your scalp

When nothing works for the touch and stubborn scalps of the men, adding Olive oil and turmeric and a good massage to the hair is just what weaves the magic. You can actually use any oil for this purpose. Leave it on for just fifteen minutes and wash it out.

4. Embellish The temporary Tattoos

Adding turmeric paste in Henna can really make the colour come out so beautiful. Also just apply a thick paste of turmeric with a cone and see it weave the magic!

5. Sprain relief

If you have just sprained a part of your bone and joints, the ancient remedy of applying a paste made of two parts of turmeric and one part of salt using water just works wonders. Just apply it and wrap it with a cloth that you do not mind staining. This should work just fine.

6. The Golden Drink

Did you know that turmeric milk is considered to be the best drink you could ever have? Just add a bit of turmeric to a warm glass of milk and gulp it down at bed time. Energize your days and body with it with regular use. As an antiseptic, it keeps you away from most of the infections for sure!

Add it to food, milk, water or even your curries, turmeric enhances the taste along with the essential elements!

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