6 Yoga Moves That Strengthen Your Body for Child Birth

Yoga Moves for Pregnant Women

The ancient form of exercise which is named as Yoga delivers the Yogi innumerable health benefits. Yoga other than equal benefits for everyone has some surprising advantages for a pregnant woman. It helps during pregnancy in calming your brain, fighting the headaches, reducing the morning sickness and increasing the flexibility. It is important to have a healthy body when you are heading towards giving birth to a child.

For a healthy body, you need to have a strong core which will help you in minimizing the back issues. Flexible and strong abdominal tissues will help you in pushing when delivering a baby. For all this, you need to learn these Yoga moves which will strengthen your body for childbirth.

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Six Yoga Moves for Pregnant Women

1) Virabhadra

This pose is also known as warrior pose. In this pose, the practitioner will start with keeping step sideways. You are required to keep your back straight and turn in the right side by 90 degrees. Raise your arms like wings of the bird parallel to the ground. Breathe and bend your right knee. You must stay there for 10-12 breathes. In the same way, keep your back straight and turn in the left side and repeat the whole procedure again.

2) Utthita Trikonasana

Utthita Trikonasana pose is called extended triangular pose. In the same position as warrior pose, inhale and move your right foot at 90-degree angle. Touch your right foot with the fingers of right hand. You should bend at such an angle that your backbends in a smooth way. If you are in your 1st trimester then try to touch the floor. If in 2nd trimester then try to touch the foot but if you are in your 3rd trimester then try to touch the nearby chair or table, you can go there.Opens in a new tab. During performing breathe accordingly. Repeat this pose towards your left side as well but don’t forget to pause for few breathers between the poses.

3) Utthita Parsvakonasana

This Yoga pose is famous as extended side angle pose. This pose is very much similar to Utthita Trikonasana or triangular pose. In this pose, set a little more distance between your feet. Lean on your right knee. Your shin should be perpendicular to the ground. By pushing your shoulders back, you must be feeling a pinch in your back. Now, place your elbow on your bent right knee and extend your other arm in an upward direction. Lean and put force with elbow on your right knee and by doing this, your left side will bend towards the right side.

4) Anjaneyasana

In this pose, you would bend your hips a little bit. Move your left foot backward. Put force on your right knee. Drag your left leg a little further so that your body is completely extended. Raise your arms towards sky exactly above your head. Exhale and make it sure that your arms are fully stretched in an upward direction. Repeat this pose by dragging right leg as well.

5) Bitilasana

Cow pose or Bitilasana is very simple and easy to perform. You have to kneel on all of your fours (legs and hands). Draw pelvic muscles. During inhale, you should be arching back and when exhaling, you should push forward. Slowly breathe and move your back upward. Tuck your chin like a cat or cow. This pose should be repeated five times to achieve the full benefits. Now, sit back in a kids pose and take 5 breaths. This pose should be practiced many times. Bitilasana or cat pose has many benefits for pregnancy during child labor. This is the easiest pose so there would not be any problem in commencing it. This pose is most interesting as well.

6) Malasana

This pose explains itself. Like Bitilasana, this pose is also easy to perform. Sit down and put all of your weight on your feet. Widen up your knees a little bit. Clap your hands and make them move within the gap created due to the widening of knees. Make effort from hips to push the lower body. This will put force on your knees and you will be moving like a swing for a moment. This pose can cause you to feel some pressure. If you feel pain the quit this pose and start posing your next Yoga pose.

It is strongly recommended that these poses should be performed in a sequence. These poses will help the pregnant women in reduced childbirth labor, less back pain, and more flexibility during the whole period.

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