Benefits of Fuller Earth

There is no traditional household in India which does not use Fullers Earth in its routine of caring for the body. Amazingly, this product has so many benefits that it can practically be used to treat anything about the skin. MultaniMitti as it is commonly called has rich reserves of Magnesium Chloride which helps to reduce acne.

Be it the use as atoner or a cleanser, MultaniMitti facial packs are the most popular for glowing skin. It is resistant to sweat and so it can also be applied to improve the quality of the hair. Let’s look at how this wonderful MultaniMitti can be used.

MultaniMitti for Face

  • It has an inherent property to remove dead cells from the skin. This makes the skin breathe better and seem younger. MultaniMitti face packs are extensively used as natural beauty treatments to reduce the occurrence of Blemishes and acne by removing the impurities so that the skin does not seem clogged anymore. It also is excellent for reducing the oily texture of the skin.
  • Just add rose water to MultaniMitti and make yourself a face pack at home. In case, you are battling dry skin, just add some almonds and milk to the basic paste of MultaniMitti and water and see it improve the circulation on the face making it seem younger and healthy.
  • You can also add a beaten egg and a spoon of curd to MultaniMitti and mix it well to form a uniform paste. Apply it one the face for twenty minutes and achieve the toned skin look. A regular use of this paste on the face also helps in reducing wrinkles and signs of skin aging. MultaniMitti is a magical healer when it comes to scars and stretch marks. Use carrot pulpand mix it with MultaniMitti. Add a dash of olive oil to it. Apply on the affected area and see the scars vanish before your eyes.
  • If you have some ground neem leaves, mix them with MultaniMitti and make a fine paste. Apply it for ten to fifteen minutes and wash it off. Not only does it leave the marks left with pimples but also prevents the occurrence of the new pain pores.


 Do not use over dated MultaniMitti. It may prove to be allergic to some! 


Amazing benefits of the Fullers earth that we bet you did not know!


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