Add Eggplants in Your Meals

Eggplants have a distinct color that sets it apart from all vegetables. It is found in different colors like violet, green, black, and purple shade based on its origin and source. This vegetable is believed to be originally grown in India in wild and later reached out to all parts of the world. It has been part of global cuisines due to the unique taste and flavor it offers. The tasty treat has tickled the taste buds worldwide but yet it is not very popular amongst kids and that can be because of its color that is not very appealing to kids.

Even if your kids are avoiding this vegetable or throwing tantrums while eating it, don’t stop adding it to the dishes as this member of nightshade family has many health benefits to offer. Below are the 9 good reasons to include more eggplants in your meals even when it is not topping your list of favorites!

9 Strong Reasons to Add Eggplants in your Meals

1. Enough Iron to Fight Anemia

Anemia brings along the symptoms like fatigue and stress. This Purple vegetable is fleshy and loaded with essential minerals like iron and copper. These are the essentials for improving the blood health by increasing the red blood cells. Eggplant would turn black very fast on cutting and that is the indication of high iron levels good for treating symptoms of anemia.

2. Cancer Prevention

Studies have shown that adding various colors to your diet would increase its disease fighting capacity. Eggplants are known to be effective in cancer prevention because of its high antioxidant content that keeps the free radicals at bay. The cell damage is reduced considerably because of strong anti-inflammatory properties of this vegetable. (Turmeric is another good source of anti-oxidant and has anti-inflammation properties. For more details, please visit IshaPur Turmeric Curcumin).

3. Sharper Brain

This is probably one of the best reasons you can give your kids to love aubergine or eggplant. Increasing the consumption of eggplant can prove quite beneficial for your mental health. The iron rich vegetable would also increase the blood flow to the brain and entire body. Increased blood flow means better brain functioning due to higher oxygen levels that aid memory and logical reasoning skills.

4. Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy period is the one where the mother needs to take more nutrients in order to nurture the baby well in her womb. Folic acid or folate is one of the key nutrient required for the healthy growth of baby. Folic acid supplements are started from day one of the pregnancy detection as it would protect the embryo against any defects in neural tube. It is also essential for proper brain development of the fetus. Eggplant has good amount of folic acid and is one of the most trusted natural sources for the same. Eating more eggplant during pregnancy would aid the fetus development.

5. Cutting the Cholesterol

Eggplant can cut the bad cholesterol levels when cooked in the right way. Baking is always recommended over frying to avoid extra fat in the quest to reduce cholesterol. Studies have shown that eggplant becomes nutrient rich when baked and also flavorful due to cooking done in its own juices. Have it regularly to see your bad cholesterol levels going down.

6. Fibers to Boost Digestion

Eggplant is fleshy and its skin is also edible. These two factors increase its fiber content considerably. Having fiber-rich food has always aided digestion. Proper digestion of food would allow your body to absorb the nutrients well. It is also good to be included in your diet if you are aiming weight loss.

7. Strong Bones

Eggplants get their color due to the presence of phenolic compounds. The iron and calcium-rich vegetables are instrumental in reducing the risk of osteoporosis and bone degradation. It also has good potassium levels that increase the absorption of calcium needed to enhance bone health.

8. Diabetes Management

Eggplants would add bulk to your diet, but at the same time keep it low on calories due to low carbohydrate content. It also helps in regulating the blood glucose levels by maintaining the insulin activity. Healthy insulin levels and activity would reduce the sudden ups and downs in blood sugar levels, which would otherwise be fatal for those suffering from diabetes.

9. Detoxification

Eggplant is one of the most trusted ways to detoxify your body. It is rich in antioxidants called anthocyanins formed during the pigmentation of the vegetable and responsible for its color. It will remove all toxins from the body and also help in keeping you young both internally and externally. Detoxification will also make your skin look younger.

Eggplant is the combination of flavor and health. It can be used in different dishes to add a distinct flavor and beautiful color. You will find them in various shapes, colors, and sizes to have variety in your dishes. Start using this nightshade vegetable liberally to enjoy amazing health benefits.

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