One of the most popular areas of fitness, which has already conquered America and most of Europe is Yoga Antigravity.

Who invented this type of yoga?

Yoga antigravity that will teach you to fly was invented by Christopher Harrison who is dancer, director, manager, producer and choreographer from the United States. He suggested that use of a yoga analog circus trapeze. Hovering in the air took place, on the idea of Harrison, a simplified model of a simulator for the gymnasts. Surprisingly, fabric hammock can “tame” with no special training can act intuitively, most importantly – relax, give your body the power of anti-gravity.

The idea of anti-gravity yoga Christopher Harrison came at a time when he held a series of unimaginable pirouettes in a circus trapeze. He thought so much easier to achieve ease give optimum load muscles. And at first, hammocks chose to train dancers, and only then began to explore the swing fabric lovers of yoga.

The hammock does not involve the development of new asanas. No, in the direction of antigravity Yoga classes are based on the standard poses. But they, of course, alter, to make suitable for implementation in a swing. “Air” Yoga allows you to focus on the inverted asanas.

The use of a hammock helps take the weight off the spine and strengthen the legs and arms. I was even breathing technique. If desired, you can practice yoga AntiGravity alone or in conjunction with other areas. A change of scenery, traveling in the air has a positive impact on your worldview.

AntiGravity-yoga gives a feeling of weightlessness. It seems that you do not control your body but in fact this experience – an illusion. Yoga-swing, they are called Swing, ideal for people with the musculoskeletal system. During training improves:

  • Flexibility
  • Agility
  • Strength
  • Posture

You are more keenly feeling his every movement.

Antigravity yoga lessons are not intended to make the body perfect. Rather, to achieve harmony of the spirit of unity of the body and the mind. You learn to manage effectively use your body does not waste energy in the void.

“Air” Yoga involves the deeper layers of the muscles so that the benefit of training is certain. You develop your coordination, making emphasis on stretching. Moreover, not oppressing the spine, on the contrary, tension, and stiffness during the yoga-antigravity leave. You will be subject to even the most difficult asanas!

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Soft swing anti-gravity yoga will become an instrument of self-knowledge for beginners and those who have long been in love with yoga. Which set of asanas you choose, one way or weight training will touch the hands and feet. After all, you will experience the load of its weight.

But if you plan to practice this kind of yoga at first, you should not worry about it. There are a lot of classes and asanas for start your training. And trainers are also ready to help you.

The anti-gravity yoga is the best choice for busy big city citizens as it’s the way of training and relaxation simultaneously. It has a great stress-reducing effect, improves not only our body but the work of the nervous system and reduces another kind of pain. This training helps to beat anxiety, insomnia, and depression. It calms body and mind and allows you to think faster and clearer. There are a lot of studies and articles like our one that prove these facts, and you can check its originality here.

Unfortunately, the anti-gravity yoga can be practiced only equipped rooms. Even if you got the fabric swings, without control, insurances from the coach could not do. In AntiGravity-yoga is easy to step over step between ownership situation and the loss of sense of reality.

Your body will feel that you know how to fly like a bird. Pleasant sensation of weightlessness – a recipe for relaxation.The first anti-gravity yoga lessons are needed to “switch” the body to hover in the air. Not necessarily just trying to practice asana, the more complicated ones. You want to perform swinging, coups, enjoy new emotions!

During the class, AntiGravity-yoga is to choose music that will set you on the relaxation. It is believed that the position of the head down, you can try the lessons of “air” Yoga is a direct path to self-renew. It is in this position you were in the womb. The flow of blood to the head – a means of improving blood circulation. Your thoughts will flow like in the other direction; you get a feeling for it with every fiber!

Before you start to perform asanas workout, use the swing with insurance, which is rigidly fixed feet. Shoes are not necessary. In which case you’re in a matter of moments can come back to earth. Exercise more focused on stretching the body getting used to weightlessness.

The list of asanas and their sequence is determined by a personal trainer who knows your abilities and needs. Training must be completed by technicians, favorably affecting the respiratory system, the recovery of muscles.

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