Health Benefits of Apricot

The sight of the apricot tree laden with its fruits is just awesome. Summers bloom and ripen this fruit which is as tasty and beneficial as its looks. Apricots are from the rare varieties of fruits that have many benefits under one skin. This is proven by the fact that apricots are very beneficial for the skin, digestive power, intestinal worms and overall health of the body.

Apricots for the digestion

Apricots are enriched with many vitamins and minerals that make it very essential for removing the toxins in the body. Not only does it help to cleanse the system within, but it also makes sure that the body develops powerful digestive capacity. It also naturally helps in regulating the constipation and eases the trouble is consumed regularly. It also helps in eliminating the intestinal worms from the body making it an effective natural deworming agent. While there are many over the counter drugs available for it, Apricots are the most effective measures.

Apricots for the skin

Considering apricots cleanse the body, half of the reasons for the painful acne and pimples on the skin are lost. By having a clean digestive tract and a good digestive power, the blood stream becomes healthier giving rise to healthy pores on the face, which allows the skin to breathe and get rid of the major problems. Basically, when the body is healthy within, good skin shows the glow.

Protection against Free radical damage

This is the biggest benefit of incorporating apricots in the diet plan. It helps to protect the body against the damage made by the free radicals. The presence of many anti-oxidants in the Apricots makes it useful for enhancing and repairing eyesight also.

Apricots can also be used to reduce inflammation. In fact traditional and alternative medicine methods also suggest the use of a paste of apricot for reducing inflammation.

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With many benefits it is sad for the fruit lovers, that this fruit is available only for a few weeks naturally every year. You may easily find the canned and the tinned varieties, but they may not match the natural taste of the fruit.

So gorge on as many apricots as you can, while they are still in the stores!


Reap the benefits of this awesome fruit in summers. Apricots have huge reserves of health enhancing components!

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