Awesome Foods that Can be Included in Any Ketogenic Diet

The ketogenic dietOpens in a new tab. began as a way to lose a lot of weight rapidly, but its other positive impacts on the human health also became apparent soon after, and ever since then the diet has gained a lot of attention from fitness enthusiasts and experts alike.

In case you are already on a ketogenic diet or planning to go on one very soon, here are few delicious foods that can be included in any diet aimed at attaining ketosis.


If you like seafood, you will love the keto diet because salmon, mackerel, sardine, shrimps,and crabs are excellent sources of healthy fat and contain almost negligible levels of carbs. The omega-3 fatty acidsOpens in a new tab. contained in fish fat are the healthiest forms of fat that one can consume under any circumstance really, and especially when you are trying to reach ketosis.

Fruit And Veg

Some people think that any amount of any fruit and veg is good if you are trying to lose weight. This is not the case with a keto diet but so many of them are high in carbs. Vegetable wise, it tends to be the ones that are grown above ground that are the best, the greener and leafier they are, even better. Cabbage, cauliflower, spinach and broccoli are all great for a keto diet. Things like onion that grow underground can be used in small quantities for flavoring, but they should never be the main vegetable on your plate.

Fruits are the same, and bananas should be avoided at all costs. Berries are the best fruits to eat; blackberries, raspberries and blueberries all being perfect for a keto diet.

Dairy Products

The first thing to do is to throw away the skimmed milk and replace it with full fat. Your dairy consumption should be moderate, but when you do have it, the full fat versions are the best. With dairy products, such as yogurts, they need either fat or sugar to give them any consistency. Low fat yogurts will be high in sugar, and for a keto diet you want it to be the other way around.

Some of the good dairy to eat include Greek yogurt, heavy whipping cream, spreadable cheeses and mayonnaise. Using these can be a great way to add side dishes to a meal, such as some creamy spinach or cauliflower cheese.

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All cheese, in general, is high-fat/low-carb food that makes it an ideal and tasty inclusion in any ketogenic diet. Being one of those rare saturated fats that are actually good for the heart, as well as being rich in conjugated linoleic acid (known for its fat loss properties), cheese is good for the health. In case you are trying to gain some lean muscle while losing fat on the ketogenic diet, stick mostly with ricotta cheese.


We all love cookies and, fortunately, the keto diet is one of those rare ones that allows them, so long as they are keto-friendly, of course. To make sure that they are keto-friendly, choose the famous Keto Kookie (Nui) since they are made from almond flour, organic butter, top quality chocolate and zero artificial sweeteners. These are the perfect tasty snacks you can rely on to control that overpowering hunger and craving you will often get while changing your diet but without any significant carb intake.


Meat from grass-fed animals is an ideal source of fat and protein, although you will need to be careful in your consumption of meat because it is quite rich in protein and every ketogenic diet is based on maintaining a proper ratio of fat: protein: carb; too much protein can cause gluconeogenesis, which is counterproductive, of course. Nevertheless, meat, poultry, and eggs are all an essential part of the keto diet, and this might give you a perfect opportunity to try out a plate of delicious butter-chicken, without having to worry about getting fat!

Perhaps the best part about ketogenic diets is that you get to eat most of the fatty foods that a traditional diet would not allow you to. Sure, the low carb intake can cause some temporary problems during the initial stage, but even those few days can be easily managed with proper hydration, higher fat intake, and slightly increased carb consumption.

Of course, these are not the only foods you can eat, just a few examples. Nuts and seeds are ideal, water is a must, and things like sauces and flavorings can all be used as long as they are low in carbs.

Some people find this a difficult way of eating to start with, and if you are experiencing a problem, try changing a few foods at a time over a few weeks. You will be surprised how quickly you start to prefer the keto diet, and once your body does reach ketosis, it is an extremely liberating feeling to be losing weight and eating well at the same time.

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