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We all know that the food we eat actually nourishes our body. Moreover, the food items also change your emotions and mood in a different way. But, if you need to maintain a balance between your physical as well as emotional health, then you should take care of your diet.

According to the principles of Ayurveda, the prime force of life comprises of three principles which is nothing but Gunas.

These three Gunas are known as Sattva (subtle / tranquil energy), Rajas (Active energy) and Tamas (the inability to perform tasks).

So, as you go through the article, let’s check out the Ayurvedic food types which include the Sattva, Rajasic and Tamasic diet. You can also have a look at how every diet impacts the body, mind and the soul.

Do note that it’s important to select food items when you are seeking to follow a diet plan and thinking about maintaining your health.

Ayurvedic Food Types

Sattvic Food

Sattvic FoodsWhen you are wondering what Sattvic food items are, then these are always fresh and naturally sourced. It’s always better to eat food that’s freshly cooked and seasoned slightly. A sumptuous meal constitutes everything that furnishes the body with essential nutrients. The foodstuffs should be rich in proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins,etc…These help to keep yourself healthy, provide you energy, and promote the overall development of the body. Just because the person follows a balanced diet, Sattvic food is also recognized as Prana food.

Examples of Sattvic Food

Under grains and legumes, you should always eat beans, lentils, corn, whole wheat, rice and millets. While you are eating rice, you should take care of the quantity. Besides, you can think about having lentil or corn soup just before the meal.

Under organic vegetables, you can eat leafy vegetables like lettuce, Spinach, Broccoli and Asparagus. Sweet potatoes could also be consumed whenever you feel hungry during the day. In case you are conscious about your health, then it’s advisable to eat sprouts.

Under fresh fruits, you can eat juicy fruits like Apples, Oranges, Bananas, Pomegranates, Papayas, Berries, etc.. For a refreshing drink, you can think about banana milkshake or orange juice especially during summer.

Effect of Sattvic Food

People who follow a Sattvic diet are always optimistic and compassionate towards others. As they can control emotions, they never get upset or get annoyed at the first instance. While they are capable to overcome fatigue, they can actually sleep better for less hours.

Apart from everything else, individuals are always alert, active and lead a happy lifestyle. They never hold a grudge against others because the mind is pure and never cluttered.

Rajasic Food

Rajasic FoodRajasic food is usually salty, spicy and bitter in taste. It is because of this fact the food items are also known as stimulants or irritants.

In general, processed or canned food comes under the diet. You may also think about foodstuffs which you can’t resist eating.

Examples of Rajasic Food

Under fish and meat, you can eat Salmon, Chicken, Tuna, eggs, etc… which provide energy and are rich in protein. But, as you eat the fish, you either bake them or fry them with less oil.

Under spices, it’s safe to consume salt, pepper, Black pepper, Garlic, Ginger, Onion and Radish. You can either include onions and radish in salads or season the food items with a pinch of salt and pepper.

Under stimulants, you can drink tea, coffee, cold drinks, Alcohol etc… But, no matter what you prefer drinking, you should set a limit and never have anything in excess.

Effect of Rajasic Food

When Rajasic qualities are dominant in an individual, the person is always ambitious, proud of himself, aggressive and egoistic.

Since people have leadership qualities, they have the ability to control others. With prestige being important, they walk an extra mile and word hard to accomplish their goals. But, whatever individuals are trying to pursue, they are scared about failures.

Apart from less mental energy, the individuals require at least 8 hours of sleep. Most of the time, they might have to deal with problems as they are bound to become restless.

Tamasic Food

Tamasic FoodWhen it comes to speaking about Tamasic food items, people tend to eat stale food and something that’s tough to digest. Normally, foodstuffs which are prepared without pay attention and halfheartedly is considered as Tamasic food. Besides, if the food is cooked by someone with negative thoughts in his mind, then it also comes under Tamasic food.

Examples of Tamasic Food

Under deep-fried food, the person eats French fries, chips and pickles with Vinegar as the preservative. In case he loves nibbling on chips, then he should think about them for snacks. Pickles can be thought about when it’s time to have lunch or dinner.

Under preserved meat, the person can enjoy hot dogs, Bacon, Ham, Veal, and any kind of meat.

Under liquor, the person can drink Whisky, Rum, Vodka, and other known drinks. In case he doesn’t want to take a glassful of alcohol, then he can choose from a variety of cocktails or mocktails.

Effect of Tamasic Food

Individuals with Tamasic qualities have a depressed state of mind, don’t have the enthusiasm to work, and tend to drink and eat more than the normal level.

Since the individuals consider materialistic things important, they are usually greedy, and don’t care about others and anything else.

Tamasic people are not motivated from within. They may also fail to put in efforts even when they have set goals and have to complete tasks.

Due to restlessness and a cluttered mind, Tamasic people sleep more than the usual hours.

Finally, whatever you like eating, you shouldn’t forget to balance Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. While the diet should always be Sattvic, you need to include a little bit of Rajasic food items. This would not only help you to be active but also be creative in everything you do.

In case a person is on excess Rajasic food, the effect can be neutralized through Tamasic food items. As the mind becomes hyperactive, tamasic food items can certainly help to stabilize the mind.

It’s never that easy to change your eating habits. But, if you wish to stay healthy day after day, then you can control yourself and start eating Sattvic food items daily. Later, you would refrain from eating junk food because your mind would actually lead you to make healthier choices.

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