The Benefits of Doing Yoga with Your Baby

After the longest nine months of your life, you’re absolutely delighted to have a darling baby to cuddle and shower with love. But a new baby means a completely new schedule when sleep and exercise and other daily activities are concerned–and you may find yourself letting your health and wellness fall to the wayside. It’s important to find an exercise regimen that is gentle enough for your body but is also fun and challenging. Whether you’re new to yoga or have been a long time yogi head since long before you became a mother, baby yoga is an amazing way to get you on a structured postnatal fitness path. Experts recommend baby yoga for anyone who is seeking a healthy, playful bonding activity to share with the new addition to their family. Below are a few reasons why baby yoga is beneficial to you and your baby!

Programs for mom and baby focus on both mother and child, making it a great experience for all involved! Each program offers a modified version of traditional yoga so that mothers can practice while rocking their babies. The result of these great programs is enjoyable time that’s dedicated to mother, baby bonding. This is also a great way to ease back into yoga. Unlike high-level adult yoga classes, child yoga programs acknowledge that mother’s bodies are changing and often times healing from the strain of childbirth. This allows mothers to experience a yoga workout that works with their bodies instead of working against them.

Here’s a great benefit for the babies! These specified yoga poses and movements can actually aid your baby’s digestion. Mother’s can really see the change and benefit of these yoga classes. In many cases a baby will come into class colicky or fussy and the movements really help the babies to calm down.

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Discover the many amazing benefits of baby yoga today!

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