Everything You Should Know About Bottom Lip Twitching

Though lip twitching might be commonly observed, the symptoms might actually disturb you. The signs may disappear in a couple of minutes or within a few days. However, if the condition persists, then it should be investigated and weighed against other causes.

What is Bottom Lip Twitching?

A sudden involuntary contraction can give way to twitching of lips. It can also be the end result of direct stimulation, injuries of nerves and owing to tics, spasms, fasciculation, and tremors. If you are not sure about what direct stimulation is all about, then the condition may be caused due to electric pressure or extreme temperatures. The movement of lips is swift and lead to muscle fatigue.

Symptoms of Lower Lip Twitching

Bottom lip twitching may be referred to as a minor tremor. However, the condition might just move on as it spreads to others parts of the face. It can unexpectedly be caused due to contraction of muscles, numbness, curling sensations, or spasms occurring after an interval of some minutes.

Some Bottom Lip Twitching Superstitions

Ironically, many superstitions are associated with lower lip twitching. While you might not be assured whether the superstitions actually exist, you should surely go through the list

  • If the upper lip is twitching, then someone is likely to kiss you soon or you are going to kiss your mate.
  • While negative happenings are linked with left side twitches, a good news is likely to come up with right lip twitching.

Lower Lip Twitching Causes

  • If you have been coping up with a lot of stress and fatigue, then there are probabilities of lower lip twitching.
  • Anxiety and emotions like anger or fear can also be one of the reasons.
  • In case you are gulping down hot coffee, soft drinks, tea and refreshments rich in chocolates, then you might have to deal with the condition.
  • Keeping yourself from alcohol and cigarettes or lack of electrolytes can also cause involuntary muscle contractions.
  • The irritation may be caused due to damage of facial nerves or injury.
  • Facial droop or Bell’s palsy can be considered as the reason for occasional twitching.

In case the twitching remains for some more days, then it might be caused due to the following disorders.

Responsible Disorders for Bottom Lip Twitching

Hemifacial Spasm

When you have been going on with tiresome days, then the facial muscles can contract all of a sudden. The cause can point to compression of nerves and can be identified easily.


A facial tic is nothing but condition when you feel the tremors along the facial muscles. Tics usually occur during childhood days and often can be resolved quickly. But, if you have to live up with tics all your life, then you must take things a bit more seriously.

Tourette’s Syndrome

Tourette’s Syndrome is way different for tics that stay for a short time span. It can further result to nose wrinkling, blinking, unusual tongue movement, and different behavioral problems.

Parkinson’s Disease

When you go through a rhythmical involuntary action, then either one of both the lips are affected. The tremor starts whenever you are not occupied with any tasks. But, once you start interacting with people or nibble on foodstuffs, the feeling vanishes.

However, in the later stages, lip twitching might prevail as the person starts talking or eating.

DiGeorge Syndrome

Sometimes, twitching might be due to improper development of the human body. This is nothing but a genetic syndrome called as DiGeorge syndrome. Usually, it’s associated with the heart, poor functioning of parathyroid glands and defect in cleft palate. The signs might be right from the birth or may occur sometime later.

Hysterical Tremor

When someone is emotionally charged up to a great extent, he or she might face lip twitching. Such a type of tremor disappears once the person is distracted.

Treatment For Bottom Lip Twitching

  • Even when you feel the urge most of the times, you should avoid drinking beverages that contain alcohol and caffeine.
  • Whenever twitching starts, you should always apply a warm cloth around the lip’s surface. To stop the condition, you can apply a little force with your fingertip.
  • Do practice yoga and breathing exercises before starting off with the routine. Such techniques help in a great way to reduce stress and fatigue. Ultimately, the chances of being up with the condition would be minimized.
  • Follow a balanced diet along with fruits such as bananas and watermelon. As they help to replenish the body with potassium, you would stay care-free with the deficiency. In case you are on a weight loss program, then you can eat other fruits and vegetables as well.

Before coming to a conclusion, it’s essential to find out the reason when lips start twitching. Once the cause is identified, you can take up a suitable treatment as the doctor examines you. However, a trivial issue may also give way to twitching. At that point of time, you may not have to visit the medical specialist but follow some self-care treatments.

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