Health Benefits of Carrot Juice

Carrot Juice Health Benefits

Carrots are seasonal, juicy and very beneficial for the body. Though they may seem to appear very normal and ordinary but they are a powerhouse of nutrition and well-being for the body. Prevalent in almost all the cuisines, the carrots originally used to be purple. It is through a recent genetic modification that they have been in the orange hue we are used to seeing.

Apart from preventing against cancer and being rich in anti-oxidants, carrots are rich sources of Vitamin A hugely beneficial for the eyesight. It also slows down the visible aging process and is very effective for healthy glowing skin. Cleansing the body is the nest greatest function. Filled as a component, a bowl full of carrot salad will help you cleanse the body and also makes sure that you stay healthy from within. Many cultures also claim that carrots help in cleansing the blood stream, but such has not been proven in the scientific records.

  • Beta-Carotene- The Best you can have!
    Carrots definitely are a huge resource of Beta Carotene making them supremely perfect for you skin and eyesight apart from enhancing the immunity for the body against common cold and seasonal flus.
  • Incorporating Carrots into your Diet
    You can just go to a store and pick up stems of carrots. Available in plenty during their seasons, they can be either eaten raw or cooked. You may be able to find them fresh, preserved as jams and jellies or even pick up the frozen ones. Carrots can even be pickled and carrots also make some good canned varieties.

Store your carrots in sealed and air tight plastic bags in the refrigerator for better and longer storage. If the leaves are still attached to the carrots, remove the leaves to prevent absorption of the moisture which makes them soft and lumpy. It is definitely essential to peel them before consuming.

Shredded carrots can be used in coleslaw in salads and sandwiches. Try baking them for the lovely glazed structure. Carrots are extremely popular for their sweet and mild flavour. Though there are many recipes for the carrots, the best is to eat them raw when they offer the maximum nutritional value.


 Do not over consume carrots. A higher dosage of Vitamin A and Beta Carotene is not suggestive and recommended. And can prove to be harmful for the body. 
Drinking carrot juice has amazing benefits for the skin, eyes, immunity and overall health of the body.

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