Health Benefits of Apples

Himachal Pradesh in India is called the apple state and is the richest in terms of apple production and is known globally for the rich and high quality of apples it produces in large quantities. Apart from this state, where the apple cultivation was introduced, apples are now being grown in other parts of the country as well. Choose your favourite from among the, Delicious (RED, ROYAL and GOLDEN), Ambari, Anupam and American Varieties. With different sizes and shapes, the benefits offered are uncountable.

5 Ways to Help your Health with Apples

  • If you have been having troubles feeling fresh in the mornings and seem to have a heavy stomach, the fiber in the apples can help.
  • Loaded livers and heavy bloating of the abdominal area is relieved by detoxification of the body by apples.
  • Keep your heart happy and healthy with apples and reduce the chances of cancers and high cholesterol.
  • It is also an energy enhancer, so the next time you are working out in the gym, eating an apple before a heavy workout increases your endurance and stamina.
  • Helps you get rid of the metabolic syndrome there by preventing over eating and under eating. This naturally keeps the body weight in check.

A Word of Caution

 To make the fruit look presentable and to make it pass the transport and logistics, the apples are sprayed with preservatives and waxed to enhance the sheen and beauty. This is why the apple needs to be washed properly and effectively before you relish it! 


With every part of the fruit loaded with nutrients, even half an apple is good!

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