Feeling a sudden craving of hunger, yet meal time is not there yet? No need to worry, here are some snacks you can enjoy guilty-free.

Watching your weight & what you eat, does not need to be a miserable process. Many people think that way because you cannot eat whatever you want any time – you need to maintain a certain level of discipline when it comes to your feeding habits.

However you are strict with your eating schedules, there are times when the hunger strikes. After all, you are only human. It is at these times that you feel like giving up and buying the snack that you see on the supermarket shelf, or that cake from the bakery that smells so nice, like relapsing when you have just left a rehab. When you give in to the temptation, you feel disappointed that you have failed miserably in your goals, not to mention feeling bloated.

Your nutritional journey does not need to be like this though. When it comes to snacks, many options exist that give you less than 100 calories, while still staying healthy and tasty. Snacking also keeps your metabolism active – this prevents binge-eating and promotes weight loss as a result. Here are some options you can consider.

Roasted Sprouts or Lentils

These will act as the perfect weight loss snack, mostly because they contain high amounts of complex carbohydrates and fiber even they are low in calories and fats. They will guarantee to keep you satisfied for a long period.

Frozen Fruits

According to nutrition experts, any watery vegetables and fruits are very good for snacks as they do not have many calories. Consider buying fruits such as grapes and strawberries, freeze them and eat whenever you feel hungry.

To put this into perspective, a cup of grapes that you can eat on a whole day which contain only 110 calories. This will help you not feel guilty, and they are very tasty as well.

Dark chocolate

Yes, Chocolate is not always so bad for you, especially the dark one.

Being full of antioxidants, Dark chocolate has the advantage to reduce heart disease. Just remember to eat in moderation – a square is enough, you do not require a whole bar. In addition, the chocolate must contain cacao amounts of between 70 to 72% to benefit from the antioxidants.

If dark chocolate is an acquired taste for you, as it is for many people, then you can eat it in small bites instead of throwing the whole thing in your mouth at once. If you want to make it even better, mix it with fruit or oats for an extra healthy snack that provides both protein and carbohydrates.


Having a long-held reputation as the king of healthy snacks, popcorn proves to be worth the hype – that is, as long as you do not smear it with butter and salt.

It contains high amounts of fiber, and some studies show that it may contain more antioxidants than vegetables.

The good news is that you will get a lot of value for your money with popcorn, as long as it is air-popped. It has very low amounts of calories – three cups of popcorn give you only 93 calories. It makes an ideal option if you like the idea of eating more than a handful of a snack, as you can eat much of it and feel full.

Peanut Butter and Apple Slices

It is a good idea to pair fruits with fats or proteins. Not only the snack look interesting, but also combines the good elements of vitamins and other nutrients that curb appetite and give your body helpful nutrients.

For an easy snack, always apply small amounts of peanut butter to apple slices, or put a small cube of cheese on pear slices.

Note that nut butters are high in calories, so you do not need much of them. In fact, slices of an apple with a smearing of peanut butter, gives you about 200 calories, which is good for snacking ranges and should be enough for providing significant energy.

Home Made Trail

Being high in calories, Trail mixes are a tricky option to navigate Thus you should take caution in what you put in it.

However, you can achieve a satisfying mix that does not have many calories with the correct ingredients. For instance, mixing whole grain cereal in sugar like puffed cereal, with freeze-dried fruits like blueberries, some chocolate chips (dark chocolate), and seeds such as chia and nuts walnuts – these will give you a super snack that wards off hunger effectively.

Open Sandwich

When you are feeling hungry and these options are unavailable for you them sometimes the ‘guts’ of a sandwich can be enough for you, rather than a complete sandwich.

Just take care that you do not consume too much protein close to your bedtime because protein can keep you up. You can also skip the bread or have one slice as the base – alternatively, you can have some slices of turkey rolled up and some cut tomatoes.


Whatever nuts you choose – almonds, groundnuts, walnuts, and so on – can be a good option. However, not all of them are the best at increasing metabolism because they have high calorie and fat content. To lose the weight, best options are almonds, Brazil nuts and walnuts.

In the instance of Brazil nuts, they come with high amounts of selenium, a compound that enhances healthy levels of metabolism in the body. Walnuts are full of polyunsaturated fats that reduce stubborn belly fat, and almonds are more beneficial to weight loss. That is calorie-restricted diets.

Final thoughts

Weight loss and eating discipline does not mean that you take out the fun in eating. When the hunger strikes and you need a snack, avoid reaching out for that pastry, and instead go for these healthier options that are tasty and do not add too many calories.

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