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With regards to the ancient Ayurvedic system of healing, there are three ‘pillars’ that support human health and vitality: nutrition, sleep, and – you guessed it – sex.

Nutrition ensures that you have the building blocks available for efficient bodily functions. If you feel you may not be getting everything you need from your diet, an effective supplement will make a noticeable difference. When looking for quality and affordable products, Reviewy will tell you more about some of the most reliable brands on the market.

Sleep, on the other hand, ensures that your body can heal and regenerate; preparing for another day’s worth of productive functioning. It is vital that you get enough quality sleep.

Finally, there is sex. From the Ayurvedic understanding, sex promotes physical health and spiritual evolution. It nurtures respect, emotional intimacy, and the union of two minds, bodies, and souls. While this may be a contrast from Pop Culture’s shallow (and sometimes aggressive) depictions of sex; these Ayurvedic-inspired rituals will help you realign with a deeper understanding of the act, igniting a more balanced and enriched sexual experience for both you and your partner.

Preparing The Fire

Preparing The FireThere are many things to consider when preparing for an Ayurvedic sexual ritual to ensure that your body and internal energy is ready for the intimate and balancing act of this emotional, mental, and energetic exchange.

You must ensure that your body’s physical needs for functioning are seen to before beginning your sexual ritual; seeing that your thirst and hunger have been satisfied, your body has been relieved of excrement and urine, and that you have a keen interest to take part in a sexual act.

You can look at your diet to help promote arousal by enjoying these following foods:

  • Pine nuts, garlic, and asparagus; which have been known to encourage arousal for any partner.
  • Cheese, milk, eggs, and coconut milk; which improve the sensation of the clitoris and reduce vaginal dryness in women.
  • Nutmeg, almonds, and cashews; which are known to relieve erectile dysfunction in men.

Sex is a form of exercise and should take place at least 2 hours after a heavy meal to prevent indigestion and energy imbalances. Sex should also be initiated in a stress-free environment and when the body, as well as the sexual organs, are clean.

Once you and your partner are thoroughly prepared, you can begin to take part in romantic foreplay.

Kindle The Flame

Kindle The FlameAyurvedic medicine highlights how sexuality and intimacy are an essential part of life, so intimacy must be nurtured throughout the sexual experience. The Kama Sutra is an ancient and important text that communicates the sexual needs that differ between men and women. It can be used to develop romantic foreplay in which you and your partner explore each other’s bodies and kindle the flame as the sexual experience develops. Be sure to incorporate all of the senses, with ways to do this including:

  • Introducing new sensations, such as cold ice.
  • Giving a relaxing and sensual massage.
  • Exploring the many types of kissing noted in the Kama Sutra.
  • Lighting a sweet scented candle or using essential oils such as lavender, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, jasmine, and orange blossom.
  • Incorporating sweet substances like dark chocolate or honey.
  • Creating an ambiance with lighting and music.

Tantric Sex can also be included in this phase; performing rituals such as hand on heart, synchronized breathing, and unwavering eye contact. This is done to maximize your personal energy force, channel it towards and exchange it with your partner.

Passion Ablaze

Passion AblazeAyurvedic sex is an activity that delivers equilibrium and sexual gratification. It enhances pleasure, emotional intimacy, mutual respect, and empowers individuals to experience their own divinity. Communication is of the utmost importance, allowing you to delve deeper into the depths of intimacy as you explore your innermost desires and experiment with new positions; thus prolonging the thrill and sustaining the pleasure of sexual intercourse.

Soothe In Sensation

Soothe in SensationJust as you would after an intense yoga session, allow yourselves to rest in each other’s embrace as you absorb the exchanged energy of your sexual practice. Once you have recovered, you and your partner should take part in a post-sex regimen which will help you regain energy. This includes:

  • Bathing in warm water.
  • Applying a scented oil and massaging it into your skin.
  • Wearing light, comfortable, and clean clothes.
  • Drinking cool water, fruit juice, coconut water, or a glass of wine.
  • Then, enjoy a deep and restful sleep.

By taking part in this sexual ritual on a regular basis, there are many positive health benefits that may come from it, such as improved memory and health, strength, decreased rate of aging and depression, as well as a deeper relationship with your partner.

These Ayurvedic-inspired ways will help you ignite and enrich a balanced sex life between you and your partner. By taking the time to prepare your bodies, kindle the flames of romance and intimacy, as well as sooth in the sensations of a sensual sexual experience; you and your partner will be able to reap the many benefits that come with passionate sex.

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