Effective Essential Oils For Earache And Infection

Essential Oils for Earache

Earache is usually caused due to an infection inside the ear canal. As the virus spreads, it may be a root cause for inflammation, and build up of fluid that applies a pressure to the affected region. But, when such a situation arises, parents take their little ones to the doctor who prescribes some antibiotics.

While it might be safe to take medicines, overuse may cause the dangerous spread of bacteria. It is because of this reason parents follow some remedies to boost the immune system. In fact, children become much more capable to combat the infection on their own.

So, as you scroll ahead, let’s look at the essential oils to get rid of ear paid and infection.

Essential Oils for Earache

Avoiding antibiotics doesn’t mean that parents have to be helpless. There are many essential oils you may come across for treating the ear infection. These are extracted from plants and are highly effective to alleviate the pain.

Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil for Ear PainLavender oil is considered to be the best oil to reduce the pain quickly and soothe the swelling. In fact, medical practitioners approve this as the effective natural remedy.

So, as you proceed with the remedy, you must mix a few drops of lavender oil with a 1 teaspoon of coconut oil. Later, you need to rub the oils on the outer ear. Avoid pouring oil deep inside the ear because it can aggravate the inflammation and the pain in case a negative reaction arises.

Garlic Oil

Garlic Oil for Ear InfectionPure garlic oil contains high amount of Allicin that reduces the inflammation. Furthermore, the antibacterial properties of the oil aid to take care of the infection in some time.

So, as you think about garlic oil for ear infection, you must mix a little bit of olive oil with garlic oil. Afterwards, you need to apply the oil towards the inner and outer surfaces of the ear. However, garlic oil can cause an irritating sensation in case you use undiluted oil. Besides, it’s advisable not to pour drops of oil if the eardrum is damaged considerably.

Oregano Oil

Oregano Oil for Ear InfectionLoaded with a number of antioxidants, Oregano oil not only offers instant relief from pain but also clears away the infection or any blockages.

So, if you are planning to use Oregano oil for ear infection, then applying a few drops along with almond oil would certainly help. But, just as it’s with other oils, you shouldn’t pour the oil into the ear canal.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint Oil for EaracheIf you are thinking about a soothing oil, then you can use peppermint oil for reducing the swelling. Most of the time, the remedy is thought for children, but the oil should always be used in diluted form.

In case you prefer using the oil, then you should mix four to five drops of Peppermint oil with jojoba oil and rub it around the ear. Before you wipe the outer ear dry, you should let the oil seep inside completely.

Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil for Ear PainYou would always be fortunate to use tea tree oil for earache. Owing to its astringent properties, the oil dries up the fluid and fights away bacterial growth.

Initially, you need to add a small portion of the oil to one tablespoon of olive oil and heat it slightly. Later, you need to drip six to eight drops of the mixture using an eye dropper. Soon after you are still, you should wait for 10 minutes and allow the fluid to drain out.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil for EaracheIf you need to clear away excess wax and reduce the swelling, then you can use olive oil for ear pain. Firstly, you must pour a quarter spoon of olive oil, wait for five minutes and drain the fluid. This remedy would surely be helpful because it loosens the earwax and delivers a number of antioxidants.

Thyme Oil

Thyme Oil for Ear PainDue to its analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties, Thyme oil can serve to be effective for ear infection. You may not observe the results instantly, but the oil can definitely offer comfort to a certain extent.

For using the oil, you need to mix a few drops of Thyme oil with lavender oil. After blending the oils thoroughly, you should apply it gently on the ear. Don’t think about pouring the drops inside the ear canal because it might cause more inflammation and worsen the condition.

Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil for EaracheInstead of taking antibiotics regularly, you can probably use coconut oil for ear infection. As you heat some coconut oil along with a couple of garlic cloves, you should remove the pan after five minutes. Before pouring the drops, you should check the temperature which should be 37 degrees Celsius. You must also make sure that pieces of garlic don’t get stuck inside the ear canal.

For getting rid of the symptoms, it’s always a good idea to use coconut oil twice during the day.

Basil Oil

Basil Oil for Ear PainBasil oil is always supposed to be one of the best essential oils for ear congestion. So, as you move on with the remedy, you need to soak a small cotton ball in the oil. After a few minutes, you need to place the ball near the ear along with a piece of gauze.

Since the aromatic compounds are effective, you should never push the oil forcibly inside the ear.

Mustard Oil

Mustard Oil for Ear InfectionThe antibacterial properties of mustard oil always help to reduce ear infections. While you mix some drops of the mustard oil in warm water, you should pour the solution inside the ear. Later, don’t forget to drain out the liquid after thirty to sixty seconds. If the pain is unbearable due to eardrum rupture, then it’s better not to try the remedy.

What are the Essential Oils for Swimmer’s Ear?

If you wish to get rid of swimmers ear in a natural way, then tea tree oil and helichrysum can be extremely effective. But, as you mix the oils, you should remember to mix a few drops of sweet almond oil, olive oil or coconut oil.

Finally, it’s safe to use the oils if the remedy is followed in the right way. In case the ear infection indicates Bell’s palsy or Meniere’s disease, then you should be a bit more serious. If the earache persists for a long time span, then fix an appointment with the doctor. Moreover, you should think about alternative remedies in case you are prone to skin irritation or allergic reactions.

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