Home Remedies for Weak Eyesight

The advancements taking place in the world of medical science has ensured that there’s a permanent solution to almost every single health problem a human being can have. However, a large share of those treatments is extremely expensive. One such treatment is LASIK or laser vision correction.

So, what should one do if he or she cannot afford the surgery? Trying out a few home remedies can bring in great results too. The section below will introduce you to one of the most effective home remedies for people with weak eyesight.

About the Ingredients

The almond mix we would ask you to consume for improving your eyesight also involves use of fennel seeds and rock sugar (an ingredient referred to as Mishri by people in the Indian subcontinent).

Take the three ingredients in equal quantities. For instance, if you are using 500 grams of almonds, you will have to use 500 grams each of rock sugar and fennel seeds.

Preparation and Doses

Grind them well in a food processor until you get a fine powder. Store the mixture in an airtight plastic container or a glass vessel.

You can have the mixture alone or with milk. The amount of mixture to be taken per day is 10 grams. If you are taking it with milk, have it with a glassful (or 250 ml) of milk.

Do this every night before going to bed. Continue for a minimum of 40 days and you will definitely see your eyesight getting better. Soon, you will be able to see objects around you without your glasses on.

Surprise Effects

The almond mixture will never make you experience any adverse effect, but will expose you to some really wonderful side effects. The mixture can also cure amnesia, twisted mind, and weakness of mind.


 If you are trying this remedy on a minor, don’t forget to reduce the quantity of the mixture. Ideally, minors should take 5 grams of the mixture with a glassful of milk before going to bed. For enjoying maximum benefits of the remedy, don’t drink water within two hours of having the mixture. 

Tips for Ageing Eye Care and Safety Infographic

Save your Eyes Tips for Aging Eye Care and Safety

Infographic Source: http://homecare4u.com/2016/11/save-eyes-tips-aging-eye-care-safety-infographic/

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