Finally Here is Why Honey is the Best for your Mind and Body!

Honey for Mind and Body

The honey bees have been around for millions of years. This naturally means that honey has been around us for millions of years too. Also, surprisingly true is the fact that honey is the only food which includes all the elements necessary for sustaining life. In fact it is the only food that contains Pinocembrin which is the antioxidant associated with brain functioning. Rich in enzymes, vitamins and Minerals, Honey is considered to be complete food.

Another interesting thing to note about honey is that to collect 1Kg of Honey, a bee will travel almost 90,000 miles just collecting the nectar of the flowers. Many cultures also believe that honey is heavenly and offer it to gods and deities.

Here are Five Ways you can use Honey to Live Life Better

  • Honey drops on lemon rubbed softly on the face and then allowed to dry followed by a cold water wash, is the most effective way to get rid of white heads and black heads.
  • Drinking Honey and lemon in Luke warm water, on an empty stomach early in the morning is said to aid in weight loss
  • Honey is very beneficial for hair. A honey mask made with Honey and henna can eliminate all scalp issues
  • Honey is also very beneficial for people with cardiac troubles
  • Replacing sugar, you can retain the sweetness of your life minus the calories

For Children

Running after the symptoms of common cold and flu can be so irritating with children who completely refuse medication. For such cases, adding cinnamon powder, crushed Black Pepper and two three drops of lemon in one spoon of honey is a natural cure. This can completely heal the body of the symptoms. Try this the next time your child catches a cold or is coughing bad and keep them away from medicines.

A bit of honey will keep your heart beating for long!

Hardip Koradia

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