Fitness Routine Motivation

Even with the best of intentions, and the most nobly-laid plans, sometimes our motivation can be lacking. After all, we’re only humans, right? We can decide that we want to change our life in a meaningful way and be completely committed to the plan, and yet for whatever reason, we fail to follow-through on our aspirations.

Ask ten people on the street if they’ve realized their major business plans, weight loss, or relationship goals the first time they set out to, and I’d wager that nine out of ten people — if not all ten — will admit that they haven’t, attributing at least part of their failure to a wavering motivation.

What are we to do, then, when our motivation is lacking? When the going gets tough, as it inevitably will, even if we know we want to have a regular and consistent fitness routine, one that will help lead us to a healthy lifestyle, how can we rectify our motivational shortcomings?

Below, I’ll describe in some detail some details to help you jumpstart your motivation when it’s sorely lacking, particularly related to your fitness routine. These tips won’t be the magical panacea to your motivational shortfalls, but they should, however, at least help ameliorate them.

Is your motivation lacking? Here are tools to jumpstart it again with your fitness routine:

Reconsider Your Why

Sometimes a little perspective can go a long way. When your motivation to stay committed to your fitness is tanking, it can be really helpful to remember exactly why you got started in the first place.

Did you start your fitness routine to lose weight, maintain your weight, improve your biomarkers (like your cholesterol or high blood pressure), or because of a more altruistic reason, possibly, such as to honor the memory of someone important to you? It can also be helpful to remember that you have the good fortune and luxury to be in the position that you’re in.

There are tons of people the world over who would love to be in your position but simply can’t be — because of reasons beyond their control. Thus, it behooves you not to squander your opportunity. Remembering your why can be a great catalyst and impetus to get your rear in gear and re-commit to your fitness routine.

Remember Your Goal(s)

When your motivation is non-existent, it can be really helpful to remember what you’d ultimately like to accomplish. Maybe it’s something specific, like a weight loss or a weight maintenance, or maybe it’s just a feeling, like overall improved fitness and health.

Whatever your goal or goals, reflecting on them often can be a great motivator to help you get and remain committed to showing up for yourself every day with your fitness routine.

Enlist the Support of Others

Sometimes one of the best things you can do for yourself is to enlist the help and support of others around you to help propel you towards your goal. Share your goal(s) widely with others, and call upon this network of support to help rally you during your times of need.

In the future, perhaps you’ll be able to reciprocate the support when your community needs you most. Paying it forward can be great for your health and soul, so keep your eyes and ears open for times when you can be of service to others when they need it most.

Put Something on the Line

Finally, when your motivation is lacking with your fitness routine, you may find it helpful to put something meaningful on the line, ideally something meant to compel you to action. Perhaps you can set wagers with yourself, with the condition being if you don’t meet your goal by a pre-determined date, you’ll do something drastic.

What drastic entails could be anything: going on a blind date, giving money to a political cause that you don’t support, shaving your head, the sky’s the limit! Sometimes when people have something on the line — or the threat of something on the line — it is more likely that they will act in line with how they should. You may find this tactic to be helpful to help you jumpstart your fitness routine.

With these tools in your pocket, you’ll be able to jumpstart your motivation for your fitness routine the next time it stalls. It is also really helpful to remember that you’re only human. There will surely be times when you struggle with staying motivated, but that’s ok.

Dust yourself off and try again the next day. Cut yourself some slack for when you fall short, and trust that tomorrow is another day, a new beginning, and believe that you will do better.

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