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Golf was traditionally a sport for gentlemen but as the world continues to become more liberalized, the sport has also been shifting away from its stuffy past. Nowadays more and more women are taking up golf at both professional and armature levels, and most of the leading golf tours and tournaments now have versions for ladies.

If you are one of the ladies out there that are still not sure whether to start playing golf or not, it is time to go out and buy clubs, golf balls, rangefinder and all the other golfing essentials as there is a lot to gain from the sport. Here are some of the health benefits of golf.

Exposure to the Outdoor Environment

A golf course will cover anywhere between 30 and 300 acres and so playing the sport will require you to be outdoors for extended periods. This can come with a myriad of health benefits for ladies. First, they get to take in the fresh air which is good for their overall well being.

Secondly, most golf courses are serene environments far away from the noise and pollution of the city and so you will get some peaceful time to reflect. And there is also enough research evidence to show that exposure to the green relaxes the body and helps to deal with stress and anxiety.

Strengthening the Bladder

As odd as it might sound, playing golf can also strengthen a woman’s bladder which is also beneficial to her health. When in the course you will have to hold it for long when playing and sometimes it can be many hours before you go to the bathroom. The longer you are able to hold it the stronger your bladder will become. Also, those crouching maneuvers that some ladies will do when they find it hard to hold it will be a great way of strengthening leg muscles.

Burns a lot Of Calories

Golfing might not seem like a very physical activity but it is still a great way to burn some calories. Even playing for 9 holes on a small or medium size course can burn up to an impressive 700 calories for female golfers that prefer to walk. If you combine the energy you use when carrying clubs, walking around the course and swinging the golf clubs, you can burn as much as 1000 calories. And so golfing will always be a great addition to a woman’s weight loss program.

Can Help to Build and Foster Relationships

Golf is one of those sports that you have to play with others, and so it can be a great way to socialize with your friends. And for a woman, it is a great excuse to catch up with your girlfriends over the weekend. Also, the chances are that you will always meet new people when you go to the course and so golf is also a great way to establish new relationships. Socializing with friends and meeting new people is very useful for your social life and mental well-being.

It Will Keep the Heart Rate Up

Any physical activity that can keep your heart rate up will always be good for your health. Golf is one such activity and although it might not look like it, your heart can really race when playing golf. From swinging clubs to walking fast around the course and carrying your equipment, there are many things that will help to keep your heart rate up. And this, in turn, is good for the overall health of the heart and in keeping cardiovascular diseases in check.

Good for Sleep

Millions of ladies across the world struggle with getting some shut-eye every night. Whether it is because of the stress and anxiety that comes with a typical adult life or other causes, being unable to sleep well and for long enough can have some adverse effects on a woman’s health. But, golfing can help you deal with your sleep issues. By calming and relaxing your body and mind you will be able to sleep better. Also, you will always end up tired after a few rounds of golf, and so the chances are that you will fall asleep almost immediately you jump into bed.

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Golf is a very beneficial sport for women and it is also relatively easy and not as physically engaging as others. And so if you are a woman that is looking for a fun and healthy sport to play over the weekend, golf is a great choice. Also, it will be a great way to drive away boredom.

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