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Marketing is a tedious task for any company, be it a tech giant or some SME. With the constant breakthroughs in technology and the evolution of new marketing trends, you need to stay up-to-date with the voguish agendas or marketing.

Healthcare marketers often encounter numerous obstacles and issues just as the other marketers do, and are required to comply with the strict brand guidelines as-well-as tight federal regulations.

Top Healthcare Marketers To Follow

With so many developments happening in the field of healthcare marketing, it can get real arduous to constantly keep up with all the trends and public interest.

With so much competition in healthcare marketing, you need to be innovative and invest in video marketing online.

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To help you stay up-to-date with the latest, here is a list of some of the best healthcare marketing experts that you need to follow to bring about positive changes in your firm when marketing to a wider audience –

Rob Birgfeld, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, ICBA 

Rob is a digital strategist and marketing leader who is keen on innovation, customer-centricity as-well-as evidence-based strategies.

Rob truly is the jack of all trades, ranging from social media marketing or blogging to product development.

Some of his specialties include advertising, digital strategy, digital marketing, customer relationship management (CRM), content marketing, brand management, and others mentioned on his LinkedIn profile.

Laura Boyd Desmeth, Director of Digital Communications for Medical City Healthcare 

For more than five years, Laura has been a part of the Medical City Healthcare.

She has completely reshaped their online presence by creating and handling social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube to market the healthcare agency to a wider audience.

She shares a plethora of healthcare and marketing content concerning the Medical City Healthcare on her LinkedIn feed.

Terri Ann Fredette, Director of Marketing & Communications for UC Health 

Terri Ann is a data-driven, ROI-focused marketer who fills her personality and heart to the position.

She is very capable of producing witty advertisements, and marketing agendas launched online.

Her profile is packed with some of the best clever commercials that UC Health has produced under her direction.

David Edelman, Chief Marketing Officer, Aetna 

David is a LinkedIn Influencer in the domain of healthcare and marketing who has enjoyed remarkable success with his campaign for Aetna’s rebranding that focused on “you don’t join us, we join you.”

He constantly publishes insightful posts of himself on LinkedIn and also shares other valuable content for marketing with his followers.

Dan Gingiss, Chief Experience Officer, The Experience Maker, LLC 

Alongside his job at The Experience Maker, Dan is an author, podcaster, and a frequent publisher on LinkedIn.

He known as a visionary and a great leader who offers services such as Public Speaking, Content Strategy, Executive Coaching, Business Consulting, Marketing Consulting, Brand Consulting, and Corporate Training.

Scott Galbari, Chief Technology Officer, Lyniate 

Scott is in charge of the development and delivery of all products and services at Lyniate.

Scott is proficient in developing and delivering imaging, nursing, workflow, interoperability, as-well-as patient flow solutions to customers.

In the previous years, he was the General Manager for copious businesses within McKesson and Change Healthcare.After this varied experience, he started his career as a software developer.

Sven Gierlinger, Chief Experience Officer, Northwell Health 

Sven goes beyond individual marketing campaigns, beyond inbound, outbound to render holistic as-well-as immersive experiences for consumers.

You should check out Northwell Health’s The Return, which is a short film that highlights a revolutionary prosthetic for amputee swimmers.

Elaine Leavenworth, Retired SVP Chief Marketing & External Affairs Officer at Abbott

Elaine has been named as one of PR Week’s Health Influencer 50 and has made her voice heard in the industry.

You can follow Elaine for authentic content, like her recent International Women’s Day post on LinkedIn, insightful marketing and healthcare shares.

Kelly Jo Golson, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer for Advocate Health Care 

Kelly Jo is responsible for consumerism, marketing, brand, public affairs, digital strategy, as-well-as internal communications at Advocate Aurora Health, which is the 10th largest health system in the United States.

Kelly Jo has nearly 20 years of experience in the expertise and knows her way around direct marketing.

Diane Lofgren, Chief Marketing Officer, Sharp Healthcare 

Alongside her leadership role at Sharp Healthcare, Diane is also the author of Women I Want to Grow Old With.

You can follow her on Twitter, where she uploads fascinating content on healthcare, marketing, and more for you to grab some tips.

DeAnn Aston Marshall, President, Children’s National Hospital Foundation 

DeAnn is a seasoned health care executive with over 20+ years of experience in numerous senior leadership roles of high-level responsibility within top-10 pediatric academic medical centers.

She provides executive leadership and assistance for all national and international fundraising efforts in support of Children’s National Hospital.

Dawn McAvoy, Head of Branding and Advertising, Aetna 

Dawn leads Marketing Strategy & Operations for Aetna Marketing that includes Communications Operations, Strategic Initiatives Delivery, Planning & Support Services, Leadership Operations, Marketing Integration Strategy, and Implementation with CVSH.

One of her passions is content marketing to women, rendering value and relevance to a taken-for-granted demographic.

Roymie V. Mimbiela, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) and Associate Vice President of Marketing & Communications, University of Miami Health System

Roymie’s list of accomplishments is almost unending. She has helped transform the patient experience at the University of Miami Health System.

She has been accoladed with multiple awards that include the 2010 Hispanic Women of Distinction Award.

Currently, she is a speaker and facilitator, presenting on healthcare marketing, business development, and many more.

Mark Alan Phillips, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, Imaging for GE Healthcare 

Mark is an international executive with marketing leadership and general management experience. He has a background in healthcare device and IT industries with an amazing track record in the US, Asia, and Europe.

He possesses the prowess to drive growth via strategic planning, marketing operations, as-well-as OEM / M&A / Business Development efforts.

Mark conducts the global strategy for GE Healthcare marketing, a standout in a company that brings creative marketing to life.

You can look for decent healthcare marketing internships online and know all about it by visiting InVideo.

Final Words

Every healthcare organization needs the assistance of marketing to make a difference in people’s lives and run their business efficiently.

Marketing of an amazing health product or system done right can save dozens of lives.

Thus you need to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest by following the above-mentioned healthcare marketing experts.

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