Honey Health Benefits You Probably Didn’t Know About

Honey Health Benefits

Opting for a natural solution to your health and wellness over toxic chemical options is the choice many people move to on the daily basis. While pharmaceuticals have their place, especially for very serious diseases, they are not the end all be all solution for every single physiological difficulty.

There are many natural herbs, minerals, and foods that can alleviate a whole spectrum of common health problems. One of the very best that is incredibly underused is raw honey.

3 Ways Raw Honey Can Heal

Raw honey is of course a fantastic organic sweetener. But, it’s useful for much more than making your tea, coffee, and baked goods taste better. Here are a few ways in which honey is usual that you might not have heard about before.

Age Old Burn Remedy

Many natural remedies are not recent discoveries. Instead, they tend to have very old roots and have been pushed aside by modern medicine. Using honey to treat burns is a perfect example of this phenomenon.

In Ayurveda, honey is known as the nectar of life. It’s no surprise then that it has proven healing properties.

As far as burns are concerned, honey is known to do a couple of useful things. First, it can help speed up healing time, which on its own is amazing. It also though can act as a topical pain relief option.

It should be noted that serious burns should be treated by a medical professional due to the high risk of infection.

A Natural Acne Cure

Another skin condition where honey is a useful topical ointment is acne. Unlike minor burns that are an acute injury, acne is something that can be more of a chronic occurrence.

While the most common solutions tend to be washing one’s face with mild soap and water several times a day, over-the-counter acne creams that contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid, or prescription medications that come with a with span of unpleasant side effects, they aren’t the only option.

Honey has actually been proven to kill Propionibacterium acnes as well as being an anti-inflammatory. And, you can apply it directly to the affected areas of your skin.

For example, for those suffering from severe facial acne, a raw honey mask applied to freshly cleansed skin several times a week can work wonders. Plus, you only need to leave it on for a few minutes as opposed to expensive cosmetic masks that require 30 minutes or more.

Aside from helping with acne, honey has other positive effects for your skin too. You can use it  to help with psoriasis, dermatitis, and even just to improve your skin’s natural glow.

Revive Hair

As you can see, honey is great for helping with acute skin injuries like mild burns plus chronic skin problems like acne and psoriasis. But, there’s even more you can use it for on the outside of your body.

Over time your hair takes a lot of abuse, It can easily be damaged by hard water, the sun, and even by hair products used for styling. If you swim, the chemicals used in the pool like chlorine will dry it out. And, if you bleach or color your hair, those chemicals will do the same.

Dry hair will appear frizzy and have damaged ends. But, a little raw honey is a great way to mitigate some of the damage that has previously been done.

It’s a fairly straight forward process. You wash your hair like normal, preferably with an organic shampoo. After you wash it out, gently rub a small amount of honey to the damaged ends. Then simply rinse it out a few minutes later.

Honey isn’t just a great way to repair damaged and frizzy hair. Pouring a solution of honey and water over your recently washed hair is also a great way to add an extra eye-catching gleam. You don’t even need to wash it out!

In Summary

Raw honey has a plethora of uses as a consumable. It’s an organic healthy natural sweetener for cold and warm beverages alike and it’s perfect for baked goods. It can be mixed into water with lemon, cinnamon, or both to assist in improving digestion and weight loss. And, consuming raw honey can even help improve seasonal allergies.

But, there are plenty of tremendous health and wellness benefits for your skin and hair too. The nectar of life can help with dry skin, minor burns, bacterial acne infections, dry and frizzy hair, and hair that lacks its natural luster.

The health benefits are almost endless as there are actually even more that have not been discussed. If you haven’t yet started taking advantage of all that raw honey can do for your quality of life, it’s time to start taking a good hard look at this natural gift.

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