How should be your Balanced Meal?

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Balanced Meal Plan

Healthy Meal Ideas

A balanced meal is the best way to provide necessary nutrition to our body. Irrespective of the cravings you may develop for your favourite food, it is necessary to ensure that the meal being eaten has all the elements needed by the body. It is by the food we eat that the body derives the energy for the daily functions that need to be carried out. This is why eating healthy meals that contain right components of the food in the right quantities is important. We give you the basic balanced meal plan that includes components of food and the balance they should be eaten in.

What to Include in your Healthy Eating Plan

  1. Carbohydrates: Mainly found in corn, starch, potatoes, wheat and rice, this element of food is what gives the maximum energy upon digestion. Excessive carbohydrates would lead to accumulation of sugar and may also cause a weight gain.
  2. Proteins: Found in Dals, Pulses, Legumes like Rajma and Chana, Meats and Egg Whites, proteins are essential for the muscle mass of the body.
  3. Fats: Good fats are needed for the body in various functions. It is the excess of fats that has to be avoided at all costs as it accumulates beneath the skin and over the organs causing diseases and illnesses that are chronic
  4. Vitamins and Minerals: These are present in fruits and salads, dry fruits and many vegetables. Highly essential for the normal functioning of the body, Vitamins and Minerals are needed by the body in very small quantities but are very important.
  5. Water: Enough hydration is needed by the body. This would be for everything ranging from digestion to immunity and overall functioning of the body.

While you sit at the table, ready to eat your food, assess the presence of each of these elements in the food being served. Make sure that you eat a portion of each of these elements to maintain a long and healthy life. Thus, balanced meal is an important aspect to take into consideration with great care will help you to live a hale and hearty lifestyle.

Eating should be to release the energy needed by the body and not just filling up!