How to Choose Shoes for Osteoarthritis

How to Choose Shoes for Osteoarthritis

If the joints can’t repair themselves from the tear and the wear caused by everyday activities, you will suffer from osteoarthritis. Then, you will feel uncomfortable in all movements. This discomfort may be in the hips, ankles, as well as knees due to the role of each joint in your body’s movements. An easy way to manage your discomfort in the hips, knees, and ankles is looking for the right footwear in order to accommodate your lifestyle and severity of OA. True, if you choose the wrong shoes, you will make your conditions much worse. Check out this article to learn how to choose shoes for Osteoarthritis.

General Guidelines for Choosing Comfortable Shoes Osteoarthritis

Try on lots of options. It’s a good idea to visit a store offering a wide options of shoes. It means that you can get better chances for finding comfortable and supportive shoes. It’s essential to find stores with knowledgeable staff who can help you with fitting shoes properly.

  • Remember that there isn’t a pair of shoes that will be right for all people. Also, it can’t be able to work well for everyone with osteoarthritis. So, it’s important to try on many different options.
  • You needn’t invest in an expensive pair of shoes while less expensive options can also help to improve your pain.
  • If you have flat feet, you need to get shoes with lots of arch support. And, it’s better to avoid an overly structured footbed, if you have high arches.
  • You should go to see a podiatrist to identify problems with your gait as well as know the reason causing your osteoarthritis pain.

Avoid high heels. This may be a reason causing unnecessary stress on your feet, knees, ankles, and hips.

  • It’s important to avoid using shoes with a heel taller than two inches if you don’t want to worsen your osteoarthritis pain.

Test them out. It’s essential to spend your time walking around in several different pairs of shoes until you choose a shoe that you feel comfortable when wearing on.

Try adding insoles. Sometimes, you need orthotic insoles to your favorite shoes if it cause you discomfort.  These insoles can help to reduce your pain. At the same time, they provide additional support, correct your gait, as well as redistribute your weight.

  • You may get custom orthotics from your podiatrist with the price from $400 to $800. Moreover, you can use them about five years.
  • You can also get them in stores.

Choosing Shoes for Osteoarthritis in Your Knees

Look for shoes that absorb shock. It’s great to come to shoes with a cushioned surface. They can be able to lessen the impact on your joints.

Avoid heavy soles. Shoes coming with heavy soles may be the reason causing pain in the knees though they are great for individuals with arthritis in other joints.

Try flexible walking shoes. For those who suffer from osteoarthritis in their knees, it’s a good idea to choose flat walking shoes. Indeed, you won’t suffer from the unnecessary strain on your knee joint when wearing on them.

Give less supportive shoes a try. shoes like flip flops will be perfect choices for those who have knee pain.

Choosing Shoes for Osteoarthritis in Your Feet and Ankles

Wear supportive boots. We recommend you to choose boots if you suffer from pain in your knee. They ensure to provide your needed support. Find fashion and hiking boots that still can provide support to stop your ankle from wobbling. Remember to choose shoes that are not so tight around your ankles if you don’t want to prevent you from walking normally.

Avoid open-backed shoes. In fact, these options may cause pain and discomfort in your feet. It’s better to look for shoes with full backs or straps that purpose to hold your heels in place. Avoid getting flip flops because of their very little stability.

Look for wide shoes. If you suffer from osteoarthritis, you have to face bone spurs and bunions at the base of the big toe. It’s good to choose wider shoes because they are more comfortable for with osteoarthritis. Sure, you will feel more comfortable when wearing box toe shoes rather than shoes having a pointy toe.

Be aware of where the shoe binds. Osteoarthritis can make bone spurs on the top of the feet develop. It’s time to consider getting shoes with laces and adjustable straps for those with fixed buckles. In fact, these shoes can loosen to alleviate the pain.

Make sure they don’t restrict your feet. You should choose shoes that are wide enough to not pinch your feet when they swell slightly.


You should talk to your doctor to make sure you can choose the best one for your conditions. You may not know there is no sufficient research on the best type of shoe for those who are suffering from osteoarthritis in their hips.


In order to manage your osteoarthritis, it’s important to find the proper footwear. True, these shoes allow you to get better joint support and stability, more exercise time, fatigued joints, as well as less sore at the end of the day. However, there are a lot of options as well as styles to choose from. So, it’s essential to be patient and try as many different shoes. Make sure you can find the right fit. With a good pair of shoes, you can easily manage osteoarthritis.

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