How To Make Ghee

Ghee has always been the best substance when people are cooking cuisines. In India, the yellow colored gobules are used when people worship god. Besides, ghee is known for its medicinal value and one of the food items included in the ‘Sattvik’ diet.

According to Ayurveda, the food item helps to maintain a balance between the doshas. So, let’s have a look at different ways on how to make ghee from malai (cream) and cow’s milk, and homemade ghee health benefits.

How to Make Ghee from Malai?

How to Make Ghee from MalaiIt’s really simple to prepare ghee from malai. But, before proceeding with the steps, you should use a clean pan and a colander.

Preparation Time:

Usually, ghee can be prepared within 30 to 40 minutes. But, the time span may vary depending on how well you heat and stir the liquid.


  • One kilogram of cream obtained from milk.
  • A few containers to store ghee.


Step 1: As soon as you add two tablespoons of yogurt in a container filled with malai, you should collect the malai from at least eight days. Think about keeping the container in the fridge so that nothing gets spoiled.

Step 2: Now, for the churning process, you first need to add two to three tablespoons of cold water. You should then start churning the mixture with a ladle and add water if required. This would help you segregate the butter from the buttermilk easily.

Step 3: After churning the liquid for eight to ten minutes, you would notice bubbles coming out from the liquid. You then need to separate the butter and store it in a container. For removing excess buttermilk, you need to press butter fat using your hand.

Step 4: Afterwards, you need to cook ghee by placing the butter fat in a utensil. Set the burner to a low flame so that you don’t overheat the fat. As soon as the butter fat starts melting, it’s better to stir the mixture gradually.

Step 5: After 18 to 20 minutes, you would see the foam settling down and the mixture would turn golden. As the granules settle down, you need to scoop out the liquid on the top.

Step 6: Finally, you should remember to boil the ghee for three to four minutes and allow it to cool down for 10 minutes. Moving ahead, you need to filter the ghee and transfer it into a clean container. You can then use the ghee for a minimum of eight to ten months.

While you may use butter that’s available in the market, this is certainly the best way on how to prepare ghee at home.

How to Make Ghee from Cow’s Milk?

How to Make Ghee from Cow’s MilkBefore moving on the procedure, you should first source milk from cows which have been eating fresh grass. (We have prepared a detailed guide on benefits of clarified butter of cow milk.)

Preparation Time:

Normally, ghee can be prepared from the milk within half an hour. But, the time may vary depending on the skill for stirring the milk.


  • A jar full of cow’s milk
    Large containers


Step 1: Once you get cow’s milk, you need to pour it in a jar, boil it and keep it for a week. As soon as the malai starts forming, you need to accumulate it immediately.

Step 2: After collecting sufficient cream, you need to add a little bit of curd and salt and keep it for one day.

Step 3: Later, you need to mix the cream thoroughly till butter is formed.

Step 4: You then starting heating the butter on a mild flame and keep stirring it continuously.

TIP: In case the smell becomes unbearable and starts suffocating you, then you can add a little bit of lime juice to the molten mixture.

Step 5: Soon, the cream would start settling down and the liquid would stay at the top.

Step 6: Once the cream is separated completely, you can filter out the liquid and procure the ghee.

You should be careful while storing homemade ghee. If the quantity is more than what has been consumed in three months, then it’s better to store in the refrigerator. For daily purpose, you can also transfer some quantity in a small container and keep it on the shelf.

Homemade Ghee Benefits

Homemade Ghee BenefitsIf you love ghee, you should be aware of the benefits it offers. But, the clarified butter may affect the health in case if you can’t control the portions you use. So, let’s look at the amazing benefits one after the other.

Lowers Down the Cholesterol Level

If you experience problems due to cholesterol, then ghee can always be a better option because it has less percentage of fat.

According to a research, ghee can surely decrease the cholesterol level in the serum and the intestines. So, if you are seeking a source for healthy fats, then ghee is the best option as it is obtained from saturated fat.

Enhances Digestion

Since ghee contains butyric acid and short-chain fatty acid, it can certainly help in reducing the inflammation as well as improve the digestion process. As the thick liquid stimulates the secretion of acid in the stomach, it aids for digesting food effectively. It doesn’t slow down the digestion process as it is observed with oil and butter.

Strengthens the Immune System

Due to the presence of high number of antioxidants, ghee increases the capability of absorbing minerals and vitamins. This, in turn, enhances the overall functionality of the immune system.

A research reveals that adequate quantity of butyric acid supports the production of killer T cells in the gut. Such type of cells boosts the immune system and keeps the person away from allergies. Fat soluble minerals and vitamins also aid in absorbing nutrients in the body.

Offers Essential Vitamins

When an individual consumes ghee, the body is nourished through vitamins A, D, E and K. This plays a vital role to help the immune system function in a better way. Moreover, the yellow colored liquid is also good for the heart, brain and the bones.

Prevents Cancer

As per a research, Ghee is rich in conjugated linoleic acid in case it’s procured from cow’s milk. Once the body is nourished with ample quantity of CLA, the acid improves insulin resistance and helps in combating cancer. However, it’s also perceived that butyric acid can curb the development of tumors.

Keeps Dairy Allergies at Bay

Since ghee is obtained from clarified butter, it doesn’t contain impurities which you may find in dairy products. While less Casein is present in ghee, the liquid also contains less lactose. So, in case your body doesn’t adapt to lactose, then there’s nothing to worry about because ghee doesn’t cause allergic reactions.

Offers Healthy Fats

Ghee is always considered to protect the stomach wall, support the functioning of the brain, promote skin health and develop the cell membrane. The substance offers the benefits because it doesn’t contain trans-fats, hydrogenated oils or oxidized cholesterol as found in oils and butter.

Helps in Treating Burns

Since ghee is good for the skin, it can always be used as a remedy for skin burns. Apart from reducing the swelling substantially, the substance aids in reducing the inflammation around the skin.

In case your skin is dry, the ghee acts as a moisturizer and can be applied on the scalp.

Provides Energy

It’s surprising to know that a tablespoon of ghee contains 470 KJ of energy. It has numerous medium-chain fatty acids which the liver absorbs and converts into energy. So, even if you take a teaspoon of ghee before workout, then it would maintain the energy level and burn other fats as well.

Improves the Skin Tone

Apart from being a good moisturizer, ghee can be the best solution for chapped lips. In case there are dark circles around the eye, then the substance can help you get rid of them easily. Besides, you can apply ghee to heal burns and rashes as fast as possible.

Improves Eyesight

If you have decided to eat ghee regularly, then it can not only improve the eyesight but also help you get rid of the irritating sensation.

Even though Ayurveda recommends pouring a few drops of the substance into the eye, the ghee may cause irritation due to impurities.

Helps to Treat Cough

If you’re suffering from cough, the ghee is extremely effective to treat the condition. You can either take one teaspoon of warm ghee or enjoy a herbal concoction.

For preparing the herbal concoction, you need to fry a cinnamon stick in ghee, remove it from the pan and swallow it instantly. In case mucus has blocked the respiratory tract, then it’s better to fry ghee along with cardamom and ginger powder.

For gaining instant relief, you can also swallow a paste prepared from Tulsi and warm ghee.

Relieves Constipation

Ghee is the best solution if you are suffering from constipation. However, you need to cope with the intrusive measure for gaining relief. Apart from furnishing the body with fiber, the substance also helps pregnant women as the metabolic activity is considerably enhanced.

Keeps You Away from Thyroid Dysfunction

Clarified butter is beneficial if the individual can’t find a way out from thyroid dysfunction. While ghee protects the immune system and the gastrointestinal tract, it also helps in regulating the level of thyroid hormone through numerous chemicals.

Impacts the Mind & Body

Ghee affects the brains’ neurotransmitters and aids to keep the individual happy. As you enjoy the taste, the yellow colored liquid also affects the hormone system of the body.

Now, you have complete instructions and reasons to prepare ghee at home, read and implement our tips to enjoy incredible health benefits of homemade ghee.

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