How to Reduce the Risk of Cancer with Lemons?

Benefits of Lemons

Honestly, we discussed only few benefits of lemon in terms of beauty and health because lemon health benefits are endless. The proven benefits of lemons include protection against cancer and various anti-ageing properties that save the body from the external irritants and boost the immune system. This is the prime reason why the lemons hold a special place in most of the international menus and are consumed by people of all age groups.

Lemons and Cancer

Do you believe or not but people are searching for natural health remedies online shows an increasing awareness of Ayurveda. Amongst these online trends of searching health benefits of fruits and vegetables, sometimes people face conflict with different views. The same thing happened with the lemons and cancer. People frequently ask that how to avoid cancer with lemons? Of course, there is no strong evidences are available reporting lemons can cure all types of cancer successfully. Some reports take side of lemons as the natural cure for cancer and some consider it as rumors.

Being a good source of Vitamin C lemon peel successfully wipe out toxins in your body and thus regarded as best natural remedy for cancer. It is also believed that lemon extract can destroy cancer cells and cure breast cancer, colon cancer, and lung cancer. Even, several studies consider lemon as 10,000 times better cure than chemotherapy.

According to some research, intake of 75 grams citrus on daily basis can effectively reduce the chances of getting cancer. However, we advise to consult an expert first instead of relying on this controversial remedy.

Lemon Health Benefits

Not only are lemons consumed but are also applied superficially against a number of common skin and hair problems. This is the prime reason why lemons are used in many cosmetic products. We give the five best uses of lemon if you love eating them.

  1. Lemons trap the free radicals in the body and thereby offer protection against Cancer and other common ailments.
  2. Mixed with honey, lemon can be an effective home remedy for cold and flu and helps in soothing the throat.
  3. Lemon can be mixed with warm water and a spoon of honey for effective weight loss by boosting the metabolism of the body.
  4. Lemons when added to salads increase the potency of nutrition offered.
  5. Lemons are a major component of juices and ginger lemon ale and teas and are consumed to boost immunity.

Lemon Beauty Tips

For superficial application, lemon applied to the skin has very effective antiseptic and anti-ageing properties. It also helps in reducing the oil content of the skin texture thereby protecting and treating against acne and pimples. Used to wash the face, lemon and honey also open all blocked pores and reduce black heads. Also, when lemons are added to a few drops of oil and massaged on the scalp, it helps in eliminating dandruff and promotes healthy hair growth.

The use of lemons is endless and the prime reason why lemons are preferred all over the world is due to the best anti-aging and anti-cancerous protection that it offers to the body naturally without any side effects.

If you still do not eat lemons after reading this, you do not love yourself enough!

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