How To Stay Fit After Having A Baby?

How to Stay Fit After Giving Birth

During pregnancy, most mothers experience significant weight gain partly due to the weight of the baby, but also because their metabolism is affected during this period. This increases their likelihood to store fat and gain extra pounds.

Nevertheless, it is essential that the mothers adopt some fitness routines as soon as they give birth in order to help them keep fit. This article presents a few tips on how to restore fitness after giving birth.


The first and foremost calorie burning exercise that any new mother could follow is to breastfeed her children. Breastfeeding has been found to burn around 600-800 calories per day which is a very reasonable number of calories to lose. This means that mothers can actually lose a few pounds from the comfort of their sofas as they breastfeed their children.

On its own, breastfeeding has several positive effects on the baby’s health and on strengthening the relationship between the mother and the baby. This calorie burning advantage is another key motivational factor that may encourage more others to breastfeed their children rather than depending on formula milk.

Jogging Or Just A Short Walk

Going for short walks or jogs is also a very useful approach. While the mother may not be yet ready to pursue extensive fitness routines at a gym or a health center, she can easily go for 15-30 minute walks thrice or four times a week to burn few calories and enhance their metabolism.

This walking time can even be made more productive if the mother takes her baby along by pushing him/her in his stroller. In fact, pushing a stroller is on its own a calorie-burning exercise as the mother exerts an extra effort to do that.

Mothers with twin children are now even able to go for these walks or short jogs by taking advantage of the increasingly available double jogging strollers in the market today.

This stroller is known for its high safety levels as it is manufactured to be highly stable with safety locks and a hand-operated parking brake. It is also easy to fold with the Quick-Fold technology which makes it easy for the mother to get ready for the jogging trip. Choosing the most suitable stroller will make the jogging trip a lot easier and will help the mother burn some calories while not having to stay away from her children.

The Right Type Of Diet

A well-balanced dietary planOpens in a new tab. would also be very useful for the mother to keep fit after giving birth. This diet needs to exclude refined carbs and white sugars as they are known as weight gaining products and to replace them with whole-grain bread and carbs. Fiber-rich whole grains introduce a feeling of fullness with fewer calories and do not get stored as fat if in excess.

It may have been difficult for the mother to stick to a low-calorie diet during pregnancy because of fear of depriving her baby of his needs. After birth, however, the process is slightly easier although the mother still needs to make sure she receives all the nutrients she needs to compensate her body for what was lost during pregnancy and during the delivery process.

Appropriate Sleeping Patterns

Getting enough sleep is also useful in the weight loss process as it prevents the body from depending solely on high-sugar foods for energy. Irregular sleep disturbs the metabolism of the body and may slow down the calorie-burning rate thereby making it difficult for the mother to lose weight.

Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to regulate the baby sleeping hours particularly during the first couple of months after birth. The solution would be for the mother to fall asleep as soon as her baby does, whenever this is feasible and make sure she does not get less than 6 hours of daily sleep in total. Getting enough sleep will also help reduce unjustified cravings which will also help regulate the calorie intake.

Losing weight after giving birth is a challenge that mothers need to go through shall they want to restore their fitness and stay healthy and energetic.

Nevertheless, there are certain tips that can be followed to aid in the weight loss process, some of which are mentioned in this article.

With some careful planning and patience, the mother should be able to fit in few calorie-burning exercises into her daily routine, and with a balanced diet free from refined carbs, losing pregnancy weight can be an attainable goal within a relatively short period of time.

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