Is Keto Diet Safe

Among the numerous diet plans, the ketogenic diet is still becoming popular over the years. After all, there are many individuals who follow the diet and claim numerous health benefits including weight loss. But before setting your interest ahead in the low-carb diet, there are certain things you ought to know. After going through the pros and cons, you can surely draw a conclusion either is Keto diet safe or not.

Pros And Cons Of Keto Diet

When someone is on the keto diet, he or she can observe many changes within the body. So, here are the advantages of being on the diet.

Keto Diet Benefits

Benefits of Keto Diet
Benefits of Keto Diet

Helps To Lose Weight

Once you have decided to try the diet, you would be able to lose weight quickly. Apart from helping you burn lots of fat, the diet can reduce cravings for hunger and let you enjoy foodstuffs that have less calories per serving. You would surely like eating everything on the platter because you would be nourishing your body with tons of protein.

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Mitigates The Risk Of Diabetes

Once you have been taking less carbohydrate, the body would be able to control the secretion of insulin. This, in turn, would aid to maintain the blood sugar level and enable to reverse the insulin resistance. The individual may not have to worry about diabetes even when he striving to meet his fitness goals.

Reduces Risk Of Heart Ailments

You might be under the impression that a high-fat diet might increase the chances for heart diseases. But, that’s simply not the case because a ketogenic diet is good for the cardiovascular system. Besides helping to reduce the blood glucose level, the diet aids in cutting down LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream.

May Help To Fight Cancer

A diet which is rich in sugar can lead to the growth of cancer cells. But, if you strike off sugar from the diet, then the cancer cells won’t be able to utilize fat for converting it to energy. Many studies have also revealed how the diet can help in treating cancer and other illnesses.

Can Combat Brain Disorders

Intake of healthier fats can actually help to reduce the likelihood of neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. While the function of the mitochondria is improved, the fat creates a neuroprotective effect. Besides, the foodstuffs can help to treat schizophrenic patients, streamline the thought process and drive away hallucinations.

Enhances Good Cholesterol

It’s weird to know that intake of healthy fats can increase the good cholesterol level. But, while the quality of blood improves, the diet can aid to lead a healthy lifestyle. The individual doesn’t have to bother much of getting affected due to heart diseases.

Improves Mental Strength

Consumption of fats can nourish the body with omega-3 fatty acids. These can help to improve concentration and the mental state of the mind. As the body starts off burning ketones, the body would become capable of supplying more energy to the brain. This would help to fight away mood disorders and keep the individual relaxed.

Regulates Blood Pressure

A low-carb diet can always reduce the blood pressure in case the person is overweight or is having type II diabetes. This would eventually reduce the probabilities of suffering from kidney diseases and heart stroke.

Dangers Of Keto Diet

Works For A Short Term

If you are seeking long term results through a keto diet, then you should consider some other diet plan. Even though the difference is observed for 12 weeks, you can land up losing muscular strength due to less carbohydrates. Your body would be deprived of the nutrients and you won’t find it easier to shed pounds.

Less Benefits For Athletes

A keto diet should never be preferred by individuals who are engaged in sports. As the person may lose physical strength, he won’t have sufficient energy to show his performance. Due to these reasons, he may not reach his fitness goals as he had decided much earlier.

Transition May Lead To Discomfort

It might take a couple of weeks to reach to the state of ketosis. The transition would make the individual feel uncomfortable and people may experience keto flu.

 As the mood changes drastically, the person may feel tired, may feel restlessness while he is sleeping or suffer due to nausea. However, these signs of weakness subside within a time span of two weeks. Moreover, the person may not be motivated to accomplish what he had planned in the future.

Might Raise Blood Cholesterol

When someone is on the diet, he may have to eat food items rich in saturated fats. This would ultimately alter the cholesterol level and be harmful to the entire body as well as the heart.

In case you’re pregnant, then high blood pressure can have a negative impact on the health. It is at that point of time the lady should speak with the doctor and check what she should include in the diet.

Keto Diet Side Effects

Low Energy Level
Side Effects of Keto Diet

Once you reduce the calorie intake through the keto diet, there are many things that can affect the body.

Rapid Weight Loss

A change in the diet implies changing the body’s fuel source. This leads to rapid weight loss with a rise in the water content in the body. The person may lose fluid along with glycogen that stores energy. This makes the person weak and may not revive the spirit to focus on day to day tasks.

Low Energy Levels

As the body adapts to the diet plan, the person is bound to feel lethargic. The sudden drop in the calorie intake can reduce the efficiency of doing tasks. So, once you switch to something new, then you should move on steadily and slowly till you get used to the transition.


Constipation and a bloated stomach is yet another side effect of a keto diet. You may not be taking in dietary fiber because you would be keeping yourself away from legumes, whole grains, fruits, and starch rich vegetables. But, to deal with the issue, you should drink lots of water and stay hydrated even when you are ready for a low-intensity workout.

Increases Hunger

Since your body is deprived of carbohydrates, a keto diet can increase cravings. On the other hand, some individual may not feel like nibbling on foodstuffs because the hunger is satiated through large amount of fats and proteins.

Bad Breath

When ketones are created, they are excreted in form of acetones. While these have a fruity taste, they can be a cause for bad breath. You then may have to chew sugar free mint or drink flavored water constantly.

Leg Cramps

When you are planning to go for a low-carb diet, the insulin level drops and the kidneys would no longer retain the sodium level. This leads to muscle cramps and pain around the area which have less water.

So, before the body adjusts to the low sodium level, you should always start eating fruits when you feel hungry.

Before concluding, you may not find it easy to switch to a new diet. In case you suffer from keto flu, then you should sleep for a long time and avoid sweet food items that boost energy. You should also compare the fat and protein intake or else there would be disruption of ketosis. Hope you can now decide it yourself either is Keto Diet safe or not.

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