Keto Vs Atkins

If you had to list down low-carb diets, then you can’t forget the ketogenic diet and the Atkins diet. According to a well known dietitian specialist, both the diets actually restrict the carbohydrate intake drastically.

We are not talking about cutting down the consumption of bad carbohydrate rich food like donuts, cupcakes, cookies and even vegetables and fruits. But, taking in carb within a certain limit leads to ketosis. This means that the accumulated fat would convert into energy once the glucose level depletes. Ketosis plays an important role in every diet, but this could affect how much you follow the diet religiously.

So, before we move ahead with Keto Vs Atkins and how is keto diet is different from Atkins, let’s check how every diet works.

How the Atkin Diet Works?

The Atkins diet has become popular since 1972 when it was introduced by a cardiologist, Robert Atkins.

The original version of the diet constitutes four phases. In the first phase, the individual has to follow certain rules. While the person savors protein rich and fat rich foodstuffs, the carbohydrate intake should be within 20 and 25 grams. In case the nutrient is not within the limit, then it can result into the body drifting into ketosis. The person has to be in this phase till the weight is 15 pounds more than what he had set to achieve.

Way ahead, in the second phase, the carbohydrate limit is increased to 20 to 50 grams. As he eats nutrient rich foodstuffs, he can relish cottage cheese, yogurt, and blueberries. He needs to move on with the phase till the weight is 10 lb along with the weight he had decided to maintain.

During the third phase, the carbohydrate limit is further increased to 50 to 80 grams. But, while the individual increases the intake, he should do it gradually and see to it that the nutrient don’t lead to weight gain.

Once the individual has succeeded to maintain his weight for a month, he needs to proceed with the fourth phase, lifetime maintenance. In this phase, he has to follow the eating habits as stated in the third phase. It’s completely fine if the carbohydrate intake is increased to 100 grams per day. But, in any case, the nutrients should increase the weight and keep the individual far behind reaching the fitness goals.

How the Ketogenic Diet Works?

With an objective to treat children who suffer from epilepsy, the keto diet was first introduced in the year 1920s. The entire diet plan focuses on following a set of eating habits. However, it’s better to cut down the carbohydrate intake to 5 percent that the person is following. While 75 percent of calories would come from fat, 20 percent can be obtained from protein. As the person follows the way, he would enter ketosis and keep a track of his health with keto urine strips.

Even though people who don’t get affected due to seizures started following the diet, the diet is recommended only for kids with epilepsy. But, in case you are an adult and suffering from the ailment, then you can get in touch with the doctor before altering the diet plan.

Owing to the development of ketones, a lot of side effects are related with the diet. Over a period of time, the individual may have to deal with a vomiting sensation, bad breath, fatigue and headaches. The diet may also be the cause for vitamin and mineral deficient disorders like the kidney stones and cardiovascular diseases.

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Keto Vs Atkins – What is the Difference?

Atkins is specifically designed for weight loss while Keto is planned for prevention of seizures. But, as time rolled by, keto was adopted in the strategy to lose weight.

When you gather the percentage of carbohydrate intake, things appear to be a bit different. When the individual is following  a keto diet, he may get 2 to 5 percent of calories from the carbohydrates. On the other hand, Atkins followers can expect 10 percent calories from carbohydrates. But, whatever might be the case, both the diets trigger ketosis which leads to fat conversion and promotes weight loss.

As far as calorie intake through fat is concerned, a keto diet would be equivalent to 75 percent of calories. The rest of the calories would be derived from protein rich foodstuffs. In the Atkins plan, fat is equivalent to 60 percent of daily calories while 30 percent is got from proteins. It is because of this reason Atkins is nicknamed as the ‘all the time’ diet plan whereas keto is known to be ‘avocado a day’ diet.

If the individual prefers to follow the Atkins approach, then 20 grams of carbohydrates can be consumed in the induction or the initial phase. The amount then increases slowly from one phase to another. But, when a keto diet is followed, the amount tends to be much lower than what is followed in the Atkins diet. The good thing about a keto diet is that it leads to ketoacidosis, a condition in which excess ketones get accumulated in the blood.

Finally, both the diet plans help to lose pounds in the initial phases. But, this doesn’t mean that the results would last for a long time span. Theirs is no such evidence that can lead to weight-loss success when someone is on a low-carb diet plan or simply cutting down on the calorie intake.

If you are planning to go for a keto diet or Atkins diet, then it might be tough to follow a low-carb diet. We suggest you that eating foodstuffs in a moderate quantity can certainly help to maintain health, shed pounds, and let you live a balanced lifestyle.

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