Benefits of Marigold Flower

With the lovely orange petals and pale green leaves, this flower is a beauty to look at. And is even more beneficial that it looks! The little flower has been used in treating common problems from time immemorial. Here is a look at some of the common ways in which this flower can be used:

  • Using Marigold water in baths: Add drops of marigold water to your bath for relief from skin allergies, hemorrhoids and vaginal infections. You can just boil marigold flowers in water and cool it and add to your bath.
  • Marigolds can also treat eye infections. Squeeze the juice of marigolds and use as an eye wash using a dropper to effectively gain relief from sore and itchy eyes.
  • You may also consume Marigold tea for additional benefits and direct consumption into the body. Boil some marigold leaves and petals in water and let it sit for 15-20 minutes before you consume it.
  • Because of its repellent nature, it also works as an effective mosquito repellent spray that you can even make at home.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and can also treat pain. This is why marigold oil can be directly applied to the affected area to provide immediate relief.
  • It can also be mixed with Fullers Earth (please add link for fullers earth) as a soothing face pack and lends glow to the skin making it look fresher and younger.
  • Unbelievable so, but rubbing the stem of marigold flower on a sting from an insect will eliminate the pain and the burning sensation of the sting
  • Marigold and its oils and juices have no recorded side effects for any type of the body
  • It may be used in any weather and in any condition.

It is best to grow marigolds on organic soil at home. Though a lot or markets have the powder and essence of Marigolds, some oils and pastes are also available. But definitely, drinking the juice of marigolds or applying the paste made at home is purer and safer in all respects!

The natural mosquito repellent that looks simply amazing!

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