Soothing and Healing, the Mustard Seeds are the most Effective in Treating Tonsils and Blisters of the Throat and Immediate Relief

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Tonsils and Blisters of Throat Treatment

Mustard seeds are known to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties in their composition. This is the primary reason why mustard seeds have found a lot of use in Ayurveda and alternative medicine. Used regularly in the diet, this is one of the best ways to heal the body of common problems and if mixed with the right components, it also helps boost the immune system. A few of the commonly used remedies for common ailments are briefly described below:

  • Mixed with milk, mustard seeds are used to increase appetite and build a strong digestive capacity.
  • Boil henna leaves into mustard seeds and water, till they are burnt and massage on the scalp for effective and visible hairgrowth.
  • Worried about breathing problems due to chest congestion, grind a quarter of a teaspoon of mustard seeds with water to form a uniform paste. Add honey to it and lick it off the spoon for relief from phlegm and snot.
  • Add four cups of warm water to a foot bath vessel. Place mustard seeds powder in a cloth bag and soak it in this water along with your feet for about 20 minutes to treat common cold and flu at home.
  • Add mustard powder and to four parts of flax powder. Make a paste with water and apply to get rid of chilblains.
  • Piles and constipation can also be treated using mustard seeds. Have a cup of yogurt mixed with the powder of mustard seeds and in addition to this drinka glass of butter milk to treat piles at home without junking on heavy medication.
  • Hiccups may not bother you if they are occasional, but for people who have regular hiccups, sipping a cup of warm water with two teaspoons of powdered mustard seeds can help you get rid of the problem permanently.
  • Honey, water and mustard powder are a standard home remedy for easing constipation.
  • Apply a paste of ground mustard seeds on the skin to heal ringworm. Even stubborn ring worms can be eased with this method if used continuously. Apply this paste almost four times a day and wash off with luke warm water.
  • Roast a handful of mustard seeds in virgin coconut oil and apply it on the face and skin to naturally lighten the skin colour.

It is not just about these remedies, but mustard seeds also boost immunity apart from lending good health to the body overall. This is why having this ingredient available readily is a huge score for the people who believe in treating common problems at home.

Treating tonsils and blisters of the throat at home cannot get easier with the mustard seeds at home, that are effective and quick.