Shirodhara - Ancient Way to Cure Modern Ailments

Modern lifestyle leads to a number of problems. These problems include stress, fatigue followed by some serious problems like diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.

People these days, hardly get any time to take care of themselves because of their hectic schedules. But over time, there has been a drastic change in the outlook of people towards life. Not only do they want to earn more but also want to live a healthy and peaceful life.

With the passage of time, people are becoming more health conscious and are inclined towards activities like gym, spa, etc.

Ayurveda is said to be one of the oldest healing sciences. It originated more than 5,000 years ago. Ayurveda, unlike the modern, western medicines, focuses on the root causes of illnesses and targets on eliminating it right from its roots along with boosting immunity. There are a few Ayurvedic treatments mostly used to cure modern ailments. One of them is Shirodhara.

What is Shirodhara?

Shirodhara is an ancient ayurvedic treatment.

The word SHIRODHARA comes from Sanskrit and is a union of two words- “Shiro” which means head and “Dhara” which means flow. It involves pouring of warm oil, in a continuous stream, over the forehead, for a specific period of time.

How does it Work?

In Shirodhara, the oil is poured on the forehead or ‘ajna marna’. It is an area where the nerves are highly concentrated. The falling of the oil on the ‘ajna marna’ creates a vibration. The oil eventually penetrates into the scalp followed by the nervous system. This soothing pressure and warmth of the oil help the body and mind to rest.

Shirodhara has been used conventionally to calm and restore the nerves, bring out hidden emotions and purify the mind. It is a physical, emotional and mental relaxation therapy. It is said to pacify all the doshas (vata, pitta and kapha) from the human body. It also purifies the mind and the soul of the person. It is said to open the third eye that leads to satvika (pure) thoughts. Shirodhara is very helpful in curing problems like anxiety, fatigue, depression, mental disorders, insomnia, etc. It provides a soothing effect on the brain cells which helps in reducing stress and inducing sleep.

The duration of the treatment ranges from 30-60 minutes and the course can continue for 7 days- 4 weeks.

Types of Shirodhara

The type of Shirodhara depends upon the type of liquid chosen. There are generally five types of Shirodhara-

  • Jala Dhara- The main ingredient used in this type of Shirodhara is normal or coconut water.
  • Takra Dhara- This type of Shirodhara includes Buttermilk as the main ingredient.
  • Taila Dhara- Oils are used in this type of Shirodhara.
  • Dugadha Dhara- As the name suggests, milk is used as the main ingredient.
  • Kwatha Dhara- It involves the use of decoctions from different herbs, depending upon the type of dosha of the body.

Benefits of Shirodhara

Shirodhara has endless benefits for all kinds of psychological, neurological, and mental disorders. Some of them are-

  • It stimulates the secretion of serotonin in the brain which reduces stress, fatigue, hypertension, migraines, anger, and anxiety.
  • It provides nourishment and relief to body, mind, and spirit.
  • It allows increasing the flow of energy in the body.
  • Generates a state of relaxation, thus, helping in better sleep.
  • Shirodhara helps in lowering blood pressure.
  • It also strengthens the hair, preventing early graying and cracking of hair.
  • It also sharpens the sensory organs.
  • Shirodhara has also proven effective in improving concentration and mental clarity.
  • Surprisingly, it also improves the quality of voice.
  • Along with all the physical benefits, it also awakens your spiritual awareness.

Contraindications of Shirodhara

Shirodhara is an effective purification therapy for both body and mind, however, there are some contraindications.

Shirodhara must not be given to people with-

  • Low blood pressure
  • Brain tumor
  • Pregnancy
  • Alcoholism
  • Fever
  • Recent neck injuries
  • Nausea
  • Conjunctivitis
  • Inflammatory diseases
  • Glaucoma

Shirodhara is now a popular form of ayurvedic treatment, available easily in spas and clinics. It provides you soothing, delightful and an exotic experience that rejuvenates your body, mind, and soul.

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