5 Effective Summer Skin Care Remedies

Summer Skin Care Tips

Are you wondering how to take care of your skin during the summer months? If yes, then you have entered the right place. Here we will talk about five most effective summer skin care remedies.

It’s important for you to understand that there’s more to summer skin care than applying sunscreen lotion and wearing hats and googles.

Here are five home remedies that will keep your skin healthy both from inside and outside in summer.

Home Remedies to Take Care of Your Skin in Summer

1) Exfoliate Your Skin Regularly

You are cleansing your skin, slathering several layers of sunscreen onto it, and applying moisturizers before going to bed. None of these would be able to prevent your skin from becoming dull, dehydrated, and acne prone if you don’t exfoliate.

Sun exposure during summer would take little time to damage delicate skin. Regular exfoliation would remove dead cells and make your skin stronger and less sensitive.

For best results, you must exfoliate your skin once or twice every week.

Here are a few recipes for face scrubs for summer.

Recipe #1: Oatmeal Scrub

Mix 2 table spoons full of oat groats or uncut oatmeal with a table spoon full of cold milk. Add a teaspoon honey to the mixture and blend to make a muddy paste.

Apply the paste all over your neck and face and rub the areas gently using circular movements. Allow the scrub to sit on your skin for half an hour.

Finally, wash the scrub well using cold water.

Applying this exfoliating scrub regularly would reduce your skin’s dullness drastically.

Recipe #2: Coffee Scrub

Mix a tablespoonful of any instant coffee powder of your choice with a teaspoonful coconut oil. Mix the two ingredients and pat the blend onto your neck and face.

Rub your skin for five minutes using your fingertips. Wait for 15 minutes and wash your face and neck off using lukewarm water.

If your face is feeling too oily, you can use a facewash to wash it.

This mask would cleanse your skin and make it soft and supple.

Recipe #3: Salt Scrub

This scrub is meant for individuals who have excessively oily skin and struggle to control sebum secretion during summer.

Take two table spoons of sea salt in a small bowl and add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice into it. Apply the mix onto your face and run gently for a couple of minutes.

Wait for five minutes and wash your face off using lukewarm water.

Your face will not only look fresh, but you will also get rid of the tan you developed as a result of going out in the sun.

You can use the same scrub by adding half a teaspoon of olive oil if you have dry skin. In that case, leave the scrub on your face for 20 minutes.

2) Get Rid of your Tan Naturally

Another big skin issue we face during summer is tanning. Here are some natural remedies that will help you to get rid of your tan sitting at the comfort of your home.

Apply Tomato Juice

Irrespective of your skin type, you can use tomato juice to remove your tan.

Individuals with dry skin should combine tomato juice with sandalwood powder, while those with oily skin should use a combination of fuller earth and tomato juice.

If you are in your 40s, we would advise you to apply a combination of tomato juice, sandalwood powder, and curd.

Choose the right combination for your skin and get it ready.

Apply the mix onto your tanned skin and wait for 10 to 15 minutes. Finally wash the area using cold water.

Do this every day after coming back from work to remove tan and keep you skin shiny and fair even when it’s scorching hot outside.

Use Aloe Vera Juice

Fill an ice tray with aloe vera juice and keep it inside the freezer.

Once frozen, take a cube and rub it onto your face. Do this until the cube melts. It will make your face glowing and fresh.

Aloe vera is a rich source of gibberellins and auxin. These two plant hormones are anti-inflammatory agents and can diminish skin inflammation effectively.

Other than removing tan, this remedy can even treat chronic skin disorders like eczema.

This remedy can be repeated as many times as you want. You can do it after spending some time under the sun, before doing your makeup, or before going to bed.

3) Apply a Natural Skin Pack on Alternate Days

If you want to look good and feel fresh all through the day in summer, apply a face mask on alternate days. Below are a couple of recipes for homemade face masks that would do wonders to your skin.

Recipe #1: The Banana Face Mask

This face mask will work well on you if you have dull, lusterless skin.

To prepare the mask, you will need mashed pulp of one medium sized banana.

Mix the pulp with two tablespoon of raw milk (you can also use egg white instead) and apply the mixture only your face.

Wait for 30 minutes and wash your face off using cold water. You will see your face glowing and your skin will become smooth like never before.

Banana contains a lot of moisture and is also a rich source of vitamin C and E and potassium. All these together promote clear and glowing skin even in hot weather.

Recipe #2: The Papaya Face Pack

If you have aging skin, you shouldn’t look beyond this face pack during the summer months.

Mash ripe papaya and add a few drops of lavender oil and lemon juice to it. Mix well and add a teaspoon of honey and an egg white to the blend.

Mix all the ingredients together and apply the pack onto your face. Keep the pack on your face for half and hour before you wash it off using warm water.

The papain enzyme and vitamin A present in papaya would nourish your skin from within. The lemon and honey, on the other hand, would remove dirt and oil from your skin pores.

Papain is also instrumental in removing inactive proteins and dead cells from your skin making it fairer and smoother.

4) Drink Plenty of Water

You must drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water every day during the summer months. This will help in replenishing the lost moisture in your system and detoxify your organs.

Your water intake should be slightly higher if you work out regularly.

We tend to sweat a lot during summer. If you don’t drink enough water, this lost moisture will not get replenished. This will eventually lead to dehydration and affect your skin health.

5) Consume an Antioxidant Rich Diet

If you want to sport healthy, glowing skin even during hot summers, you must consume right kinds of food. Try to pick food items that are rich sources of antioxidants and other skin friendly nutrients.

Here are some food items you should include in your diet to have healthy, flawless skin in summer:

  • Strawberries: Strawberries contain high quantity of vitamin C. Each cup of this sweet berry would provide you to 163% of your daily requirement of vitamin C.

    The antioxidants present in vitamin C will protect your skin against sun damage. In addition, it would also boost collagen production and increase your skin elasticity.

  • Zucchini: Zucchini is filled with moisture and contains skin friendly nutrients like vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin C.

    Regular intake of this veggie would make your skin look more youthful. It would decrease puffiness of your face, lift the saggy areas, and reverse all the damages caused by harmful free radicals.

  • Red bell peppers: Red bell pepper contains good amount of dietary fiber, which allows it to aid digestion and metabolism.

    When our digestive system works properly, we automatically see our skin health improve.

    The other major nutrient present in red bell pepper is vitamin B6. This vitamin is known for protecting our skin against allergy and fungal infections.

    Red belle peppers are rich sources of carotenoids, which increase circulation within the deep layers of our skin and prevent formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

  • Tomatoes: Vitamin C and beta carotene present in tomatoes will boost the natural defense system of your skin and protect it against sun damage.

Other than including the above food items in your diet, you should also start having some cooling beverages. These include coconut juice, watermelon juice, cucumber juice, etc.

The preferable time for taking these juices would be five to ten minutes after coming back from the sun.


The summer skin care remedies discussed above would surely help you in having healthy and glowing skin in summer.

In addition to all these, you must wear light colored clothes made of natural fabric like cotton.

Ideally, you should wear covered clothes when going out in the sun. This will prevent skin tanning to a great extent.

Also, make sure you do not put heavy makeup on your face when going out in the sun. This will increase your chances of having acne.

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