This is Why Tomatoes are an Inherent Part of the Global Cuisines!

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Not only the humans but the squirrels love tomatoes too. You could actually wage a war against the little cute critters for eating all your tomatoes.

  • Pile up on the lycopene content which is just so important for the immunity of our bodies. This means that a regular intake of tomatoes will help you get rid of the normal infections that happen due to carelessness and boost immunity in your body.
  • Asthma and controlling it with tomatoes is arecently researched subject. A recent study of the Australian University claims and has proven that enough consumption of the Vitamin A in tomatoes can help control Asthma naturally.
  • A deficiency of Vitamin K can cause weak bones and hamper the blood clotting. While the tomatoes are rich in antioxidants they also supply enough content of vitamin A to help keep the bones healthy and will keep you miles away from osteoporosis and arthritis.
  • Tomatoes when applied on the face keep the skin youthful and healthy. When rubbed over the skin can ease itching and rashes. If eaten raw, the lycopene can also prevent heart risks and keep your heart thumping healthy.

Though the benefits are uncountable, eating tomatoes is best for the hydration and freshness of the body. Be it today or tomorrow, stock up on the tomatoes for the best health.

Raw or cooked, the little tomatoes are a huge reserve of energy and nutrients!

Hardip Koradia

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