Buying Guide for Energy Drinks

Buying Guide for Energy Drinks

In every grocery store on the shelf or in the fridge, you will find energy drinks from different brands. The flavored energy shot Opens in a new tab.and their composition slightly differ from each other. Each of these drinks contains a stimulant.

In this post, we discuss some of the things you need to know before you purchase an energy drink.

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What Do Energy Drinks Contain?


The first on the list of ingredients is caffeine. It’s not bad in itself and is commonly found in coffee. Unless you suffer from a heart condition or hypersensitivity to caffeine, when consumed in the right amount, caffeine should not worry you. When drinking energy drinks, it is easy to overdo it with caffeine and feel the unpleasant effects.

In addition to caffeine, other stimulants are often added to energetics. These stimulants can be guarana, L-thiamine obtained from tea, yerba mate and other additives. Like caffeine, they are of natural origin and are not harmful in an adequate amount. The dose of stimulants and their combination is the only problem to worry about.

And vitamins? They cannot be bad at all right? Unfortunately, the addition of excess vitamins may not be useful for you. With one or a rare consumption of energy drinks, the vitamins usually get absorbed. However, abusing energy drinks provides excess vitamins that can harm you.

How Do You Provide Good Energy To The Body?

The body’s demand for energy increases more during difficult days at work, long travels, as well as physical exertion. It’s essential to provide the body with a good dose of easily digestible energy, and not reach for unhealthy energy drinks without reflection.

The source of energy should be primarily food. If you feel weak or are getting ready for more effort, don’t forget to eat! The body derives energy mainly from carbohydrates (i.e. sugars). Remember to balance the simple and complex sugars in your meals.

Simple sugars work faster but should not be consumed in excess. In a stressful situation, you can get energy from, for example, reaching for fruit, healthy RAW bars, and fruit drinks. A healthy diet should also include complex sugars that break down longer, in the form of whole-grain bread and cereals.

Energy Shots for Special Tasks

A healthier alternative to energy drinks are energies specially designed for athletes. Their composition is adapted to the increased demand for energy, and the dosage correctly determined by the manufacturer. By consuming them as directed, you will provide yourself with an extra dose of energy without side effects.

You can reach for sports products adapted to consumption under challenging conditions. You will appreciate it during climbing, long-distance running, cycling, and kayaking. In an extreme situation, when it isn’t effortless to provide energy differently.

Energy drinks for athletes do not contain regular, white sugar, only fructose obtained from fruit and maltodextrin.

Buying Tips for Energy Shot

  • It will help if you read the labels to know what you are going to consume.
  • If you use any medication, avoid them as much as possible.
  • If there is no nutritional information table on the label, do not buy them.
  • Look especially at the carbohydrate and calorie content, and evaluate what you need it for.
  • Check that the ingredients are safe and legal.
  • Please do not get carried away by its fantastic legends and investigate its components.
  • If there is something that does not fit, reject it.

Effects of Drinking Energy Drinks

Excessive consumption of energy drinksOpens in a new tab. has many unpleasant side effects. Let’s start with an overdose of caffeine. It’s responsible for shaky hands even at a young age. 

Caffeine poisoning can also lead to heart palpitations. It also results in sleep problems, which leads many people to a vicious circle in the morning. They start to feel sleepless, which then causes them to reach for an energy drink again.

The constant state of agitation has a devastating effect not only on the body, but also on the psyche.

It’s also harmful to consume too much sugar. If you care about your health, then you know that it’s not worth consuming empty carbohydrates. Excessive sugar consumption leads to obesity. Dehydration contributes to caries and reduces immunity, making you more susceptible to infection. 

So, consume your drink safely. Did you enjoy reading this post? Please don’t forget to share.


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