Lip Smacking Tomatillo Recipes

Lip Smacking Tomatillo Recipes

Synonymous to a tomato, fresh tomatillos impart a citrus flavor to mocktails, stews, dips and more. While cooking them for some time enhances the taste and makes the skin soft, a fruity flavor is added to Mexican salsas once they are pureed.  As far as the nutritional value is concerned, Tomatillos are rich in omega fatty acids. For every 34 grams of the fruit, fatty acids are as much as 130 mg.

Besides, the recipes furnish the body with Vitamin C, and minerals like potassium and manganese. The fruits also contain a number of antioxidants and are known for less calories.

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Now, let’s have a look at easy to make tomatillo recipes.

Surprise your guests with handmade olive tortillas. In case you hardly have the time for cooking recipes, then you can always purchase premade tortillas. These could be used for Cumin-scented black beans and Tomatillo Avocado Salsa recipe.

If you need a reason to show off with something special, then you can think about Cuban bowl with Tostones. As you marinate the meat overnight, then you can cook it at a slow pace. Well, bowls filled with pork, rice, black beans and fried plantains are sumptuous. These can probably be thought about when you need to cook meals during fall.

To add a twist and prepare a different sauce, you could substitute tomatoes with tomatillos. Your guests have many options to try. It could either be Salsa Verde, Tomatillo Salsa or fresh fried corn chips with Tomatillo salsa.

When it’s time for breakfast, you can start off your day with a balanced meal. As you plan to serve Nuevos Huevos Rancheritos with black beans and guacamole, you can top everything up with Cilantro cream.

Similar to the usual salsas, you can add tomatillos to guacamole. Later, you can serve Tomatillo Guacamole with Skirt Steak Quesadillas. While the former dish is a blend of tomatillos, chopped fresh cilantro leaves, avocados, garlic, lime juice, and garlic, the latter recipe is known for its stuffing with tomatillos, jalapeno and garlic cloves mixed together.

For extra warmth during the month of August, you can always prepare Green Pork Chilli or Colorado Green Chilli. Make sure you source the right kind of chillies so that everyone enjoys the dishes. In case of Colorado Green Chilli, you need to roast a few Anaheim chillies, heat some oil and sauté pork with a little bit of pepper and salt.

When it’s time to savor a dinner, you can set aside fish in foil with sweet onions, Mojo Verde and tomatoes. If you are unaware about Mojo Verde, then it’s Canarian green sauce. Traditionally, the sauce is made from olive oil, cilantro, sea salt, cumin, and garlic. The mixture is later drizzled in olive oil while blending every ingredient slowly.

On a lazy Sunday when everyone in the family has gathered for breakfast, you can serve Scrambled Eggs Chiliquiles with Roasted Tomatillo Sauce. You actually have to keep the tortilla leftovers aside when you are thinking about Mexican dry soups such as Chilaquiles.

If you prefer something with a dash of garlic, then you could complement Roasted Tomatillo Salsa with Chipotle and Roasted Garlic with Chipotles. The flavor is actually enhanced when you start roasting garlic and later add to the salsa.

The green Chile tomatillo BBQ Sauce is sure to tickle your taste buds whenever you are having supper. While you make the entire recipe sweet with honey, you would have a whole new experience with tequila, fresh jalapeno and mustard powder. Once the sauce is ready, you can always spread it on grilled chicken or small chunks of pork.

How To Make Tomatillo Salsa Recipe

Tomatillo salsa or green sauce is easier to make once you have sourced the ingredients. Depending on how much pepper you add, you can either make it mild or spicy.


For the green sauce, you require:-

  •  1 and a quarter tomatillos.
  •  1 white coloured onion.
  •  4 garlic cloves and 4 Serrano chillies.
  •  12 fresh sprigs of cilantro.
  •  Some cooking oil and 1 and a half spoon of salt.

Preparation Time

When start off, you can expect the sauce to be made in 40 minutes. You may have to spend 10 minutes in mixing the ingredients and 30 minutes for cooking the sauce.


Initially, you need to remove the husks of the tomatillos and wash off the sticky residue.

Later, you need to cut the onion into 4 pieces and add all the ingredients into a bowl filled with water.

Once you boil everything, you need to heat the ingredients at a low intensity flame for 10 minutes.

As soon as the ingredients get cooked, you should mix them with Cilantro. At this stage, you need to stir the water for around 10 minutes.

Afterwards, you need to add two spoons of cooking oil in the pot and transfer the blended salsa into the pot.

Soon after to reduce the intensity, you need to simmer for 20 minutes. Depending on the taste, you can then a little bit of salt.


Once the salsa is ready, you can serve it to 8 members of your family.

In case you wish to prepare roasted tomatillo salsa recipe, then you could also use canned tomatillos. Initially, it may take some time because you need to broil chillies, garlic and fresh tomatillos. Once you have peeled the garlic cloves, you need to puree everything with the help of a food processor. In the end, you can add lots of pepper and make the salsa a bit spicier.

Hope by now you have learnt different kinds of recipes with green tomatoes. If there’s any other cuisine you would like to share, then we would love to hear from you.

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