Tongue Bumps

We always use our tongue for tasting food items or swallowing refreshing drinks. But, there are many reasons why people may have to bear bumps. So, let’s look at the various tongue bumps in detail below. But, before moving ahead, there is nothing to worry about when small nodules/papillae are present on the tongue. You should immediately approach your physician in case you see white or red colored bumps.

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Different Types of Tongue Bumps

Oral Thrush

oral-thrushOral thrush usually relates to yeast infection caused due to the strains of Candida Sp. While the condition is observed in aged people and infants, it can also affect people who have been taking steroids.

Most of the time, the individual might observe white bumps towards the inner cheek and tongue. Blood may also ooze out in case the bumps are scraped. The person might find it tough to swallow foodstuffs and may have to deal with the cracked skin around the corners of the mouth.

As far as the causes are concerned, it might be due to a weak immune system or chemotherapy which kills healthy cells. Diabetes is yet another ailment that can be the root cause for oral thrush.

In case the pregnant woman is suffering from vaginal yeast infection, then the baby might get affected once it is completely developed.


LeukoplakiaLeukoplakia is nothing but a medical condition that leads to excessive growth of cells in the mouth. The white patches on the tongue may indicate cancer or bring in an irritating sensation due to the presence of foreign bodies.

Leukoplakia may occur usually around the gums, inside the cheeks, or beneath the tongue. Though the exact cause of the condition is not determined, excessive smoking and chewing tobacco can be the prime causes.

If you come across hairy Leukoplakia, then it is owing to the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) which enters the body and remains dormant for quite some time. However, the outbreak is common in individuals who have AIDS or several problems associated with the immune system.

Oral Fibroma

Oral-fibromaOral fibroma is observed whenever the person has to bear with an irritating sensation and a scar-like reaction. Usually, the condition is prevalent in adults who bite their lips and cheeks or constantly rub a rough tooth.

The common location for oral fibroma is along the inside of the cheeks, where the lower and upper teeth are in contact. Besides the appearance, no symptoms are related to oral fibroma. However, the bumps might grow up to 1 cm in diameter across a period of few weeks and months.

Lymphoepithelial Cysts

Lymphoepithelial-cystsKnown as Branchial cyst, Lymphoepithelial cysts are considered to be benign in nature. While you might observe the condition in form of multilocular or unilocular lesions, the cysts contain a yellow colored non-viscous fluid.

The cysts are always prominent in people who are suffering from Sexually Transmitted Diseases like AIDS. These normally occur in an individual whose age lies between 30 and 68 years. Moreover, the cyst may start paining if the cheeks are injured or when he tends to eat something hard.

Canker Sores

Canker-SoresCanker sores can occur anywhere in the mouth including the areas beneath the tongue. As the cause of the red sores is not known, they are not contagious and get better within 10 days. The painful sensation normally arises around the lips or the cheeks.

It’s never difficult to diagnose the bumps because the person experiences a tingling sensation, a red area in the mouth or yellow oval-shaped ulcers. But, if the condition becomes severe, then the lymph might get swollen or the person might feel feverish.

Lie Bumps

liebumpsIn case the papillae get swollen, then the condition is diagnosed as lie bumps. Among the variants, eruptive lingual papillitis is common in children and is likely to be contagious.

Even though doctors haven’t found the root cause, lie bumps may be associated with stress, hormonal imbalance, and consumption of some foodstuffs. Though the person can get rid of the lie bumps through remedies, the bumps may recur over a period of time.

Squamous Papilloma

Squamous-papillomaSquamous cell papilloma is caused due to the infection of the human papillomavirus (HPV), that’s transmitted due to oral sex. Apart from skin infection, the virus may also affect the mouth and the throat. As a single lesion is commonly observed, the person may get irritated due to finger-size projections. If the keratin has built up around the lesion, then the projections might become long and pointed at the end.  On the other hand, less keratinized lesions resemble a small raspberry as they are pink or red in color.

Scarlet Fever

Scarlet-FeverNicknamed as ‘strawberry tongue’, Scarlet fever may cause the tongue to swell, and make it look red. The bacterium S. pyogenes, or group A beta-hemolytic streptococcus is the prime cause of the infection. While the area around the mouth might burn, the individual might have a tough time in swallowing foodstuffs.

The area becomes red only when white coats forms on the tongue and they tend to peel off after some time.


GlossitisGlossitis usually refers to tongue sores that leave behind a reddish surface. As the tongue appears smooth and shiny, there’s always a considerable loss of lingual papillae. Due to swelling, the person might find it difficult to swallow, chew or speak with someone else.

If the causes have to be noted down, then the tongue condition could be due to Anemia, Vitamin B deficiency and viral, bacterial or fungal infection. At a later stage, the person might have to bear Syphilis due to Glossitis and atrophy of lingual papillae.

On a concluding note, the person can always get rid of tongue bumps through many natural remedies. He or she should always eat nutrient-rich foodstuffs, and maintain oral hygiene from time to time.

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