Toothache Remedies Found In Your Home

Toothache Home Remedies

Did you know that some of the food you currently have in your house can help you with more than half a dozen oral health problems? Read on this article to get some of the best toothache remedies found in your home.

How many times you have experienced any oral discomfort and the first thing that has gone through your mind is to run to the first aid kit in search of a painkiller without being aware that in the fridge or in your vegetable and spices pantry, you had some of the most potent bactericides and antibiotics that nature provides us.

Sounds Surprising, Right?

Well indeed, from very remote times, (in which there were no other options than to explore the possibilities that the food that surrounded us had to help), these food have played an important role. So much, that today they are still valid.

Both in the past and nowadays, science has investing time to the task of investigating how and why, the properties of certain foods help us with an endless list of diseases so I want to make sure that this popular knowledge doesn’t get extinguished but rather spreads and continues to help as many people as possible.

In particular in this article, I will tell you about the 3 most common diseases in our teeth / mouths and a specific home remedy for each case. I would like, however, to clarify that the knowledge I am transmitting here does not constitute a replacement for any of the medical treatments we have today.

The Much Feared Cavities!

Girl Eating Carrot
Girl Eating Carrot

They are predominantly caused by two factors in general. Sure, some foods are really bad for you teeth, but it is about time to break the myth that only candies and sugars are responsible for cavities, don’t we agree?

The first factor is the excessive consumption of certain foods such as processed flours, cheeses and coffee (or any type of food that can specifically change your alkaline levels) and the second is the level of acidity of our body.

The above, briefly explained can be summarized by understanding that the levels of acidity in our body are directly affected by our food and this affects our saliva making it either the ideal saliva to better fight the bacteria in our mouth or can cause the saliva to be not as “powerful” as is required and rather the appearance of caries in our mouth occurs even faster.

Onions, your Best Natural Ally

If you already have toothache due to cavities but still have a few hours for a dentist appointment, you can resort to onions. The toothache is softened due to the antifungal and antibacterial properties of onions.

Take a white onion and try to cut pieces that you can keep directly chewed on the tooth that is causing the discomfort, leave the piece of onion there for a while and then change that piece to a new one in about 20 minutes, I can assure you, you will feel relief.

Dental Plaque!

This is nothing more than an almost transparent layer that forms around the teeth and is shaped by the bacteria that have been reproducing in your mouth.  In essence the process is the natural consequence of poor oral hygiene.

What to do to combat it naturally?

50% water and 50% apple vinegar in a mixture with which you will rinse your mouth after eating and you will end up rinsing with fresh water. Apple cider vinegar has disinfectant properties that will fight against undesirable dental plaques.

Gums that bleed!

Again, the fingers are all pointing to a lack of proper oral hygiene which in turn degenerates into diseases such as gingivitis that end up causing the teeth to loosen and that our gums bleed.

What is the remedy I saw most effectively work?

2 times a day you should make swabs of running water (preferably warm) with salt. As we know, the salt has antiseptic properties that will help with better circulation, will deflate your gums and stop the bleeding.


In conclusion, the strategy should not be “What can I do now that I have cavities” strategy should be based on prevention. Ask yourself, isn’t it better to be ahead of night full of pain due to cavities?

Dr. Nathan Brooks

Dr. Nathan Brooks, DDS, lives out his lifelong dream as the owner of Anderson Dental Care in Cincinnati, Ohio. He leads a welcoming, family-focused clinic that offers comprehensive general and cosmetic dental care. With a Master’s in Biology from Purdue University and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery from Indiana University, he continues to pursue dentistry education to better serve and care for patients.

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