Truth About 5 Vaginal Tightening Treatments

Vaginal tightening can be achieved when a certain level of elasticity is maintained. The muscles around the area should contract for maintaining continence and flow of urine. Besides, these also support as well as protect the organs around the abdomen.

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When the woman is pregnant, the pelvic muscles may become weak or stretch to a certain extent. A problem may arise during childbirth and even when the woman delivers many babies within a short period of time. But, apart from the natural remedies, vaginal tightening can be accomplished through different ways. So, let’s take a look at the truth about vaginal tightening treatment.

Vaginal Tightening Pills

It’s ludicrous to know that pills would affect the tightness of the vagina. As far as the constituents are concerned, these basically include oak gall or Manjakani extract. There’s no way in which these pills work while the placebo effect is possible. However, there’s always something to worry about when the vagina is not fabulous at several instances.

Vaginal Tightening Cream

If you are seeking an answer for a question, ‘Do vaginal tightening creams work?’, then it is may depend on the formulation. While many may have good experiences, reputed brands were caught in a scam. The main ingredient in the tightening cream is glycerine, a compound that’s most commonly found in lube. But, it’s always safe not to use a tube with glycerine simply because it leads to yeast infection. Rather than choosing a cream that makes you appear young with a small waistline, opt for something that would provide you pleasure.


While squats are really beneficial to strengthen your buttocks and quads, there’s nothing like squats for your vagina. But, if the lady is doing squats and Kegel exercises at the same time, then the combination can certainly help. However, Kegels don’t make the vagina tight but only enhance strength in the pelvic floor.

Vaginal Weights

As compared to weights and pills, vaginal weights serve to effective only when they are used in the right way. Once the lady starts using them, she can stir up the fun with Kegel exercises. Apart from enhancing strength in the pelvic muscles, the weights can make it for a predictable orgasm. The individual should ensure that the weights are not light in weight and she is using the right technique so that she is not injured.


Just recently, vaginal plastic surgery has always become popular. For instance, labiaplasty can alter the shape of the lips around the vulva. On the other hand, vaginoplasty is carried out to tighten the vagina. When it’s time for vaginoplasty, the skin from the vagina is removed and the vaginal tissues are stitched together. Both of the surgeries can be really expensive and range anything between 4000 and 5000 dollars.

Finally, if the symptoms don’t go away, then you need to speak with the doctor. You should then follow the treatment that the doctor suggests.

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