Ulcers can be Treated and Healed by Following a Healthy Lifestyle!

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How to Cure Ulcers

Ulcers- the internal bruises!

An erosion or basically a sore on the inner lining of the stomach or the intestine can prove to be very painful and harmful and mainly happens when the inner mucous lining of the stomach. While some ulcers are due to improper food habits, some of the ulcers are also caused by an infection of the Helicobacter. The most common symptom is a pain below the ribcage, nausea, and weight loss, traces of blood in vomit and symptoms of anemia. Light headedness and irritability are also common symptoms.

While antibiotics are a good way of suppressing the ulcers, side effects of the ulcers are also in plenty. A stomach ulcer is right in the stomach in the lining of it. Though it was commonly assumed that stress, smoking and diet were the principle causes, it is the urbanization that has caused the maximum problems.

Some treatments include

Antibiotics to kill the infection and acid suppressive drugs are the common medical treatments. However the most effective and common methods are incorporating some food items that help you relieve the pain and symptoms. Such remedies are the major home remedies for the suppressionand treatment of ulcers.

Though there are no major symptoms that announce the beginning of the stomach ulcers, some common problems are:

  • Abdominal Pain
  • Indigestion and nausea
  • Decrease in appetite
  • Weight loss and traces of blood in vomit
  • Severe causes can also cause shocks due to blood loss
  • The most common reasons are
  • Infection with the Helicobacter pylori
  • Medication and drugs like aspirin and clopidogrel which if taken regularly generate stomach ulcers
  • Anti-inflammatory medicines also cause stomach ulcers

Bleeding in Ulcers

This is a very severe condition which demands immediate attention. Blood thinning agents like warfarin and aspirin are those people who should consider a change of their medication to get rid of this problem.

Common treatments for Ulcers

  • Medication: Antibiotics and pain suppressing medicines for reducing the ulceration and the pain associated with it.
  • Breath Tests: which are made to make sure that the bacterial infection has been removed
  • Changes in existing medication: If ulceration is due to the medication which has been prescribed, a change in the medication is required to ease the problem.
  • Changing the lifestyle: changing the habits like smoking, alcohol and too much caffeine helps in reduction of the problem

Some common Home Remedies are

  1.  Sultana Current and Indian Rhubard minced and powdered, rids of tummy burning and nausea.
  2.  Half a spoonful of juice of the beetle leaves consumed every day helps in subsiding the pain of the burns with ulcers
  3.  On spoonful of Gooseberry and honey taken everyday heels the ulcers internally
  4.  Milk, ripe bananas, chico fruit (Sapodilla) and custard apples help in getting rid of ulcers.

Basic facts about ulcers that you must know

  • Stomach ulcers effect million people every year in the USA alone
  • Approximately 1 in every 8 develops stomach ulcers
  • Every year almost 30,000 people around the work have surgical eliminations of ulcers

Treatment of stomach ulcers is very important. A delayed response to the stomach ulcer can cause major problems and therefore needs immediate attention.