Upper Lip Twitching: Everything About Top Lip Spams or Quivering

Upper Lip Twitching

Lips are nothing but a structure that covers the mouth and protects the teeth. As far as the disorders are concerned, upper lip twitching refers to abnormal involuntary contractions occurring all of a sudden. It might be caused due to irritation or a direct stimulant. While different individuals can experience many symptoms, tremors are felt around the upper lip or along the jaws.

Causes of Upper Lip Twitching

There are many reasons why the upper lip may twitch. It could either be due to excessive consumption of coffee, withdrawal from smoking, or an imbalance of electrolytes. Moreover, the disorder may be a result of terrible stress, herpes infection or an imbalance of electrolytes. Basically, apart from muscle cramps, the condition can also occur due to a decrease in potassium present in the bloodstream.

More Causes

Bell’s Palsy which is characterized by temporary weakness or paralysis. You may suffer from insensitivity around the face, an inability to close your eyes, or something uncommon like drooling of saliva.

Hypoparathyrodism which refers to low level of parathyroid hormone because of insufficient calcium present in the bones. Well, apart from the usual symptoms, you may have to deal with weakness and burning sensation around the limbs.

Parkinson’s Disease – This is nothing but a disease that affects the nervous system substantially. Not only do the individuals find it tough to communicate but also a sudden change in the behavior and instability in the posture.

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis – This yet another neurological disease that happens due to dead motor neurons and the spinal cord. While the speech becomes incoherent and muscles tend to weaken, the progressive ailment can ultimately lead to death.

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Treatment for Top Lip Twitching

Depending on what the reason might be, you may undergo a different treatment for upper lip twitching. While there isn’t any natural remedy, the condition can be demoted by consuming calcium-rich supplements. Not just that, you can take medicines which are prescribed for conditions like Hemifacial spasm, Tourette’s syndrome or a synonymous ailment.

If the condition lasts for more than a couple of days, then you should be serious. Without further delay, you should visit the doctor and seek professional help. Take steps once you have understood the causes after a thorough examination and fetch knowledge about what might minimize the effect.

In some situations, upper lip twitching may be caused due mental imbalance or a physiological condition. So, to get some relief, you should opt for psychotherapy or fix an appointment with a psychiatrist.  The professional would help to find out solutions to problems and help you out with effective ways for dealing with triggers.

Upper Lip Twitching Superstition

In general, upper lip twitching is closely associated with superstitions. The belief is that the twitching signifies some sort of secret sign that people start following.  In case you feel the irritation around the upper lip, the individuals think that someone is going to kiss the person or receive a good news. Something pleasant might occur when the right side twitches while it’s just the opposite with the left side of the upper lip.

Finally, you must not hit the panic button once the upper lip twitches. As many people deal with the condition, measures should be taken before anything becomes worse. Psychotherapy can benefit the person if the diagnosis reveals some other causes.

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