Tips You Need to Consider for Vaginal Health

Every lady is concerned about vaginal health. But, do you know what actually keeps the area healthy? Well, the health depends on the pH level, the lubrication and the woman’s age.

Normally, a healthy vagina secretes less discharge which ladies may not be aware about. While the discharge can be considered as a normal physiological reaction, it comprises of cells of the cervix and the vagina. But, if the lady observes a change in the colour of the discharge, then there’s something that she needs to worry about. So, in order to keep the area healthy, you can go through the tips listed below.

1) Avoid douching the vagina if you are thinking about maintaining the pH level. Most of the time, the pH is around 3.8 to 4.5. But, if an unpleasant odour is disturbing you, a douche would just cover up the smell rather than getting rid of the problem. Besides, harsh cleansers can also impact the pH level.

2) A nutrient rich and a balanced diet can keep the reproductive system and the vagina healthy. Yogurt has the potential to prevent yeast infection because it contains probiotics. In case you’re likely to suffer from urinary tract infections, then doctors suggest taking cranberry rich supplement every day.

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3) While the lady indulges in a sexual intercourse, she should always use condoms. This reduces the risk of getting affected due to Sexually Transmitted Diseases like AIDS, Syphilis, Herpes, and genital warts. In order to prevent the entry of bacteria through the vaginal opening, the condoms should be changed whenever required. The sex toys should never be shared because it can spread STIs.

4) Visiting the Gynaecologist and going through regular tests can help you determine the health of the vagina. To check the change in the vaginal cells, it’s better to go for a Pap smear test. After examining the entire area, the doctor would be able to diagnose the diseases that can harm the reproductive system as well as the vagina.

5) If you are infected by some kind of bacteria, then you should treat the infection immediately. It’s completely fine to take medicines. But, if the symptoms don’t go away, then you should get in touch with the doctor right away.

Among the vaginal infections, trichomoniasis, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection are the most common ones. It’s is necessary to treat these infections or else it may lead to problems associated with the reproductive system. If you have to deal with yeast infections several times during the year, then speak with the doctor and check whether the condition is something that you need to worry.

6) For a lady who enjoys an intercourse, lubrication is something that she shouldn’t forget about. In case the lady is not capable to produce an adequate amount of natural lubrication, then an artificial lubricant should be used.

In case the individual is not going to be pregnant, then it’s safe to use oil-based, silicone-based and water-based lubricants. If the vagina stays dry, then she should consider using a silicone-based or oil-based lubricant. When condoms are used, then oil-based lubricants should never be used. These can react with the latex, make it soft and break down the condom.

Finally, the lady should be careful in choosing the apparels. A breathable cotton underwear can avoid thongs while tight-fitting clothes can create a moist environment for the yeast to grow. If the person is prone to yeast infection, then a wet swimsuit should be changed as quickly as possible. Moreover, wiping the area properly can avoid bacterial contamination. As a remedy, the individual can also think about using vinegar in bathwater for vaginal health.

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