8 Easy Ways to Get Baby to Sleep

One of the toughest jobs on the planet is to be a mother. To be a mother of a newborn baby or a toddler is even harder. Children have erratic timetables and in the first year of their lives, they constantly need support. Children are a 24/ 7 job for mothers as they have to be changed, fed, bathe and their bedtime routine is also a big process.

Getting children to settle into sleep is a task for new mothers as many times they do not want to sleep at proper timings and get up every hour or so. In the first year of a baby’s life, they do not get sleep throughout the night and it is a real task for parents to get their babies to fall asleep. The following are some ways to get babies to sleep which have proven beneficial for babies and their parents.

Easy Ways to Get Babies to Fall Asleep

Try and Set a Routine Body Clock

If babies are kept active during the day and their naps are limited, then at night they will become tired and naturally fall asleep. Keeping the daytime activity of babies lively and maintaining a quite calm atmosphere at night will help babies to sleep peacefully during the night.

Bedtime Routine

Creating a bedtime routine for the baby will help the baby fall into a rhythm of sleep every night and fall asleep easily. Usually, giving the baby a warm bath followed by a routine set of pajamas and a lullaby or story with a calming tone helps babies fall asleep faster.

Baby Room with Crib

A proper baby room with a proper crib and carry cot is essential for a baby to maintain a sleep routineOpens in a new tab.. Making the baby sleep in different places on different cots and beds will not help a baby fall asleep faster. Baby needs to have a routine and a bed that they associate with sleeping. When babies are feeling sleepy, transfer them to the bed and do not carry them to the bed after they fall asleep. Sleepy babies fall asleep faster in their own crib.

Dimmer Lights

Use dim light in the baby’s room. Dim lights help the baby feel drowsy and calm and help them get to sleep. If they even get up in the middle of the night, do not switch on bright lights so that they can fall asleep again immediately. Keeping a dimmer light on in the baby’s room throughout the night is a good idea. An environment suitable for sleep needs to be created for a baby to fall asleep and stay sleeping without any disturbances during the night.


Babies tend to get sleepy when their stomachs are full. So if parents maintain a cycle of feeding them and then helping them fall asleep after a feed, the babies will get used to this cycle and fall asleep at their routine timings after a feed. This type of feed that is given right before bed is called dream feed. Make sure not drink when breastfeedingOpens in a new tab..

Limit the Morning Naps

It is absolutely heartbreaking to wake up a soundly sleeping baby. But many experts in parenting suggest that babies need to be woken up in the middle of their nap during the day. Babies should generally not sleep during the daytime for more than 2 hours. If babies are woken up during their morning naps, a good idea is to immediately feed them and engage them in some activity. This process will help babies sleep for longer time and more soundly during the night.

Security Object

Many times a soft toy or security blanket helps babies fall asleep. Babies need a routine to fall asleep. Favorite soft toys and security blankets are ideal and help in getting the baby to fall asleep. These security blankets or a soft toy are cuddly objects which babies like to snuggle with while falling asleep. These objects give the baby comfort and calm them down and relieve anxiety.

Soothing, Rocking & Bouncing

Soothing a baby and gently patting the baby to sleep is a good idea. Another good method for getting a baby to sleep is gently rocking the baby to and fro in a rhythm. The rhythm helps a baby fall asleep. Sometimes even gently bouncing the baby also helps the baby fall asleep.


Babies need a routine and a cycle. If their daily routine is not disturbed and the above mentioned tricks are used, generally speaking babies tend to fall asleep easily. Sometimes some babies are crankier than others and it is difficult to get them to fall asleep.

Babies for the first year will keep waking up at odd times and it is a challenge for parents to get them to fall asleep again. Babies will eventually grow out of their habit to take multiple naps in 24 hours and slowly form a pattern where they sleep throughout the night.

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